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Friday, 4 December 2015

Made Me Happy This Week

made me happy this week

Today we've had lots of reasons to be happy because it's Paul's birthday!! I love birthdays, I love any chance to celebrate really but birthdays are always a little bit more special -it's nice to spoil people. It's been such a lovely day, we've had lots of visitors and far too much cake! Paul is a complete peanut butter addict and since one of his favourite treats are Reeses Peanut Butter Cups I made a massive one! I wish I'd taken a picture because it turned out so well, everyone loved it -so much so that there isn't much left to photograph...oops.

1. Beautiful sunsets while walking around the park, and for once having my camera with me to capture it.

2. The Christmas tree is's finally up! It went up on the 1st and I have to say, it was a struggle to wait this year but I'm glad I did.

3. Party food! Now when I say party food, I don't mean for parties. I mean the party food we've bought to keep in the freezer and have for dinner...just the two of us. No shame!

4. Christmas pyjama time is back and I'm taking full advantage of it! For the next few weeks you'll find me curled up indoors with snowman or elf covered pj's.

5. We've rediscovered New Girl this past week and have pretty much finished the first series. it's such a good show, I wish we'd never stopped watching it.

6. Cinnamon Pecan flavoured's a perfect smell for waking up on those dark early mornings.

7. Fuzzy bear slippers socks that were a bargain find in Primark, plus they're unbelievably soft!

8. Festive scented candles filling the house with their spicy warming scents. Our favourite if Yankee Candles Red Apple Wreath.


  1. I have so many festive candles going at the moment, I love them! So ideal for making home feel so cozy :) x
    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. They do do make things feel cosy don't they? I love when you can walk in and smell them even when they haven't been on :) xx


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