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Friday, 11 December 2015

Made Me Happy This Week

made me happy this week

Today took a bit of a manic turn after getting off to such a calm slow start. I mentioned on Twitter this morning that Paul and I were going to the Panto this evening, after a festive afternoon at the Christmas market. Well...things didn't quite work out like that! After asking Paul to check the time on the tickets late this morning, and by that I wondered "is it 7pm or 7.30pm?", he looked at me with a look of absolute horror and explained that we didn't have tickets for the evening show, but actually the 2pm afternoon show! A mad dash to get ready started and luckily we made it with 30 minutes to spare. The show was hilarious though so all was well in the end.

1. Making (and eating) far too many snowman sugar cookies after getting a little carried away with them and their adorable little faces. You see, I had to make a second batch after making double the amount of icing -it was my plan all along! *evil laugh

2. Having awful nightmares a few times this week - obviously not happy at all! But waking up to Paul hugging me and telling me everything ok makes me forget about the bad dreams and fall back to sleep.

3. Party food for dinner. I'm sure I mentioned this last week but I'll say it again because we only do it in December.

4. Picking up Arthur Christmas for £3 while walking through Primark -bargain! In fact, we're going to watch it as soon as I hit publish on this post.

5. A surprise gift from my mum for Paul and I for basically co-parenting her little dog. Not that we mind at all -we'd keep her here full time if we could.

6. Picking up a new microwave for £9 -I know. Crazy! It wasn't ridiculously reduced in price however, it was due to our unused Tesco points. But still, seeing as we hadn't planned on buying a new one at the moment it was a good deal.

7. Hotel chocolate treats. We haven't been in quite some time so picked some up today and I'm going to lie - I've already eaten a packet, a small packet.

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  1. I've been having some awful nightmares too this week, I haven't had any in ages but this week well haha!
    Charlotte //


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