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Friday, 18 December 2015

Made Me Happy This Week

made me happy this week

I'm going to say something right now that even as I type it, doesn't seem as if it can be true - "this time next week it'll be Christmas night"! Containing my excitement is getting harder and harder but I guess we're at that time now when I don't really have to! Because next Friday is Christmas day there won't be a post going up...I hope you don't mind, I'll be back with one of these on the 1st of January. Presumably when I'm sick of leftovers and cheese.

1. Gingerbread lattes from The Bluebird Tea co. are my new love in life! They are warm and tasty and I'm going to be left a little devastated if they are a Christmas only thing.

2. First Dates. I'm such a romantic, I love to see people find their other half -it genuinely warms my heart. This week however was even better, there was a proposal and she said yes! *all the feels

3. Coffee dates with my mum and grandma. It was an impromptu outing this afternoon but it was full of Christmas music and coffee

4. Picking up the softest throw from our little fluff ball. It's a Christmas present so she won't get it until next week but I'm sure shes going to love it.

5. Phone call catch ups with my little brother. This weeks been so busy I feel as if I've seen no one but my laptop so it was nice to chat. And of course, as usual the conversation turns to nonsense.

6. The occasional Merry Christmas you get from strangers, it always puts a smile on my face.

7. Prepping for Christmas dinner. I like to have some things cooked and in the freezer ready to go. It makes sure the days goes much smoother and takes away lots of the stress.

8. My Christmas card from Paul this year. Both the card and message he'd written inside are beautiful.

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