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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Twelve Days of Christmas - Candy Cane Hot Chocolate

candy cane hot chocolate
candy cane hot chocolate
candy cane hot chocolate

Christmas is a time for many different things, everything from festive parties to cosy nights in, and enormous piles of cheese that at any other time of year would be ridiculous. It's also a time for chocolate in every form you can think of, and what better way to serve it than steaming hot in your favourite mug, topped with marshmallows and cream -obviously!

I feel a little bit cheeky calling this a recipe because it's so simple, but that's what you want at this time of year, right? 

To make your candy cane hot chocolate, measure the amount of milk you need for your favourite mug and add to a pan on a medium heat -you don't want it to boil over or worse...burn. Also, this really does taste better with milk than it does with water -trust me on that. Add your hot chocolate powder of choice to the milk, mine is Cadburys and you now want to add one crushed up candy cane per person. Stir your peppermint creation until all the sugary shards have melted and then you're ready to pour into your mug and top with any and all the extras you like.

I like to top mine with marshmallows first (so they melt), then cream (so it doesn't melt as fast) and some crushed up candy canes, well...just because. I think it's also quite nice to serve them with an extra candy cane hung on the side. It will slowly melt, giving you a little extra peppermint -plus, you can use it to help you eat your mallows.

What's your favourite drink for Christmas time?

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