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Monday, 21 December 2015

Twelve Days of Christmas - New Pyjamas

new christmas pyjamas
new christmas pyjamas
new christmas pyjamas

It's a simple little thing, but each December I like to get new pyjamas for Christmas. When we were little, every Christmas Eve my mum would let my little brother and I open one present each before bed. It was always new pyjamas, and I still remember how exciting it used to be! We'd open them, get ready for bed, have hot milk or hot chocolate and try so hard to get to sleep because Santa wouldn't come until we had.

While I'm now old enough to know that Santa doesn't actually deliver our presents, and even though we stopped that Christmas Eve tradition as we got older and moved out -I still love having new pyjamas for this time. It still feels special somehow, even if they are now for the month of December and not just Christmas Eve.

Like last year, my new pyjamas for this Christmas are from Next. They do some of the best pj's I've tried, and their Christmas range gets better every year -I have to be restrained!

This year I wouldn't say what I went for was particularly festive, so you wouldn't feel silly wearing it in March -but it is exactly what I was looking for. You can buy this in either a shirt and trousers set, or like I have, the nightshirt. The material is so soft you'll never want to take it off, and as it's not tight or restrictive so you feel incredibly comfortable.

My teddy bear slipper socks pictured are from Primark and they keep your feet warm and cosy. You can still pick them up in stores for only £5, they'd also make a great stocking filler.

new christmas pyjamas

Four Sleeps To Go!

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