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Friday, 1 January 2016

Made Me Happy This Week

made me happy this week

Happy 2016!

As it's the 1st of January today we've been taking the tree down and packing away Christmas for another year. This is normally something that leaves me feeling a little sad because it means it's all over for another year and things will quickly get back to normal, but this year I haven't felt that way. I feel so positive and excited for the year ahead, and all the things it could bring, that it's leaving little room to feel down about anything. It's also got a little something to do with our upcoming trip to New York. Before Christmas it felt like forever away -but now it feels so close that I have butterflies at the thought of it. 

1. Spending much of the time between Christmas and New Year at home -in pyjamas. Admittedly I'm now a little itchy and am looking for reasons to get out and see real life people and breath fresh air, but it has been wonderful.

2. Christmas dinner, followed by left over Christmas dinner the following night -I do love it!

3. Making sugar cookies with my niece and teaching her how to pipe icing. She's only 5 but she picks things up so quickly and I'm honestly not being bias when I say the finished cookies looked amazing!

4. Chocolate, cookies and cake. I've been enjoying far more than I should, and while I have enjoyed it all I'm looking forward to getting back to better food choices. 

5. All the wonderful gifts from friends and family, we were well and truly spoiled this year and we appreciate every single one.

6. Early morning walks in the fresh crisp air, it's a lovely way to start the day.

7. Having the house lit mainly with candles and lamps in the evening, it always makes everything feel so cosy. 

8. FINALLY getting to see Star Wars, we've been so busy we hadn't found time to go. It's amazing!

9. Switching on the Christmas tree lights each morning, while I am looking forward to the new year I am going to miss that.

10. Warm banana and pecan bread for breakfast -need I say more. 

11. Being given dollars for Christmas. I've never had any before and opening them on Christmas was such a wonderful surprise. 

12. Paul waking me just in time to catch a beautiful sunset -then fallen straight back to sleep for a while longer. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, even if your weren't celebrating I hope you enjoyed yourself.

Best wishes for the year ahead!


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  1. Wonderful post :) Happy new year! I hope you had a good one x


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