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Friday, 22 January 2016

Made Me Happy This Week


I feel as if I've spent most of my spare time this week either baking, making some kind of icing decoration or being kicked out of bed by the teenie tiny dog in the photo's above. I've no idea how, but even though she's small she still manages to take up most of the bed. We do love her though. I also can't help counting down the weeks at the moment. I don't mean to, but each one that passes reminds me that we're one week closer to out New York trip. I may have mentioned it once or twice (or several times), but I'm a little excited!

1. I love to see the vegetable drawer in the fridge looking all bright and colourful when we come home with a huge food shop, it makes me feel good about what we're eating.

2. Blue Birds breakfast tea to start off the coldest of mornings.

3. Dinner with the parents. We made Boursin stuffed chicken with piles of buttery mash - it was rather delicious!

4. The mornings getting that little bit lighter, it reminds you each day that spring will be back sooner than we think.

5. Warming candle scents for cold January evenings. Combine that with a good film and you have a perfect night in. Goodbye January blues!

6. The little robin that's made our garden his home this week.

7. New pillows, you forget how good they feel until you get some.

8. Finding old jewellery I'd forgotten I had.


  1. AW what a cutie!! I'm loving candles at the moment too x

    1. They make cold nights feel so much more cosy, don't they? xx


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