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Friday, 8 January 2016

Made Me Happy This Week

made me happy

It's finally starting to feel like winter and I love it! It's so cold outside right now and has been all day -there was even frost on the ground for most of the day. It somehow feels as if it should be Christmas time again. Also, well done everyone for making it through the first normal week of 2016 -we did it! It was hard at the beginning considering that advent calendars and an abundance of Christmas chocolate had left me with a full on chocolate addiction, but, normality has resumed. How has your first week been?

1. This post from Carrie, her fantastic pictures have left me even more excited for our upcoming trip to NYC! 

2. New Nutella snacks that were a gift from my mum. I'm not sure where she got them from but they're very tasty and far too easy to eat! Plus they look like miniature bread sticks - very cute. 

3. Picking up new socks for £1 in the sale while food shopping, I love getting new socks. 

4. Pizza night - I don't think that needs much explanation. 

5. Wearing my new over sized robin hoodie thing and feeling nice and cosy. It was a gift from my at Christmas but I've been wearing it non-stop this week.

6. Spending time with the crazy little fluff ball pictured above -she's such a funny thing, I could watch her for hours.

7. A Friday off spent with Paul doing nothing much, but having the best time doing it. I love a good day at home.



  1. Ohh I cant wait to book our NYC trip too! Sounds like you had an awesome week, I'm still not back at work until Monday - I'm not ready!! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. I feel your excitement hehe. Well I hope you enjoy the rest of your time off :) xx

  2. Love posts like this, new socks are the one.

    1. Thanks Hannah -they are some of my favourite to read too. No you just can't beat new socks! hehe xx

  3. £1 socks definitely put me in a good mood! X

    The start of my Invisalign braces journey over on  // BLOGLOVIN

  4. I love that you take the time to go over what brings a smile to your face! I especially love the puppy :)

    1. Thanks Emily, it's nice to look back and remember the little things too that we always end up forgetting about. She says thank you :) xx


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