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Monday, 11 January 2016

New Year Make-Up Update

make up update 2016

I don't change up the contents of my day to day make up bag that often, hardly ever if I'm being honest. I find it can be far too easy to stick to what we know and love -sadly leaving all the other pretty products collecting dust. This month however I've had a little change up, this is admittedly due to some lovely thoughtful Christmas gifts I was given which I've ended up loving, some that I'd actually wanted to try for some time, so that turned out to be a nice surprise.

make up update 2016
make up update 2016

Most of these products come from a Soap and Glory set I was given, that when I opened, I was so excited to see so many things I'd wanted to try. Two of which were the "Love at First Blush" blusher and "Solar Powder" bronzer. Both of these products are excellent! The blush has great pigmentation and the shimmer through it is lovely for this time of year when skin can look a little dull and flat. The bronzer I'm happy to say -as the pale skinned person I am, isn't too orange or muddy. It's also a little cooler in colour than most bronzers I've tried which pleases me.

make up update 2016
make up update 2016
make up update 2016

Some eye updates now in the form of two new make-up bag sized palettes, and a new brow product. I've never played around with my eyebrows too much, I've always been quite lucky that I've liked the shape and size, and apart from occasionally giving the ends of them a tidy (when I can be bothered which isn't very often) I don't touch them. The only thing I do, is fill them in a little, mostly to make them darker or heavier if I'm doing a more full on make-up look. 

I'd wanted to try the Soap and Glory "Archery" brow tint and pencil for a while but, each time I'd look for it in Boots the darker shade would always be sold out! One end has a pencil to fill and shape your brows, the other has a teenie tiny felt tip to fill in any gaps with small strokes to give the impression of hair. I don't use the felt tip that often, I find the pencil to be enough most days and the shade is very flattering too, it's cooler in tone which I like as it blends in better with my hair.

The first of the palettes from Soap and Glory (again), I'm pretty sure was exclusive to the set it came. When first looking at it I didn't think I'd use much of the colours, but after having time to play around with it over Christmas, I've come to really enjoy them. The first two, the lightest two are shades that look beautiful for everyday make up. They both have a pinky tone that I was so sure I'd hate but actually, I really enjoy -it's making me re-think the Naked 3 palette...maybe I would like it? 

Second was a little stocking filler and is the "Cosmic Bronze" palette from Fleur De Force. The shades in this palette are gorgeous and so lovely to apply -they blend beautifully and the pigmentation is wonderful. I'm also in love with the glittery shadow, I've been wearing it all over the lid and it feels special without being over the top. 

I'm really rather pleased with my little updates, maybe it's something I should do more often?

Do you switch up your make-up from time to time or do you get stuck using the same things like me?


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