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Monday, 29 February 2016

Hair Care: Elvive Extraordinary Clay

The longer my hair gets, the more often I find I have to wash it due to the roots becoming oily or greasy much faster than they used to. I'm not sure if I notice it more now because of the length, or if it's down to the time of year and cold weather/central heating playing havoc with my scalp -it could sort it's self out as we get into Spring (I live in hope).

Because I have quite a sensitive scalp I try to stay away from using dry shampoo to often, but at the same time, I don't want to over wash my hair and dry out the ends. When I started to see the new Extraordinary Clay range from Elvive popping up online, claiming to combat my exact issue -I couldn't wait to try it out. I picked up the shampoo, conditioner and clay masque, the dry shampoo had sold out when I was in store so I'm yet to try that. The packaging is much like the rest of the Elvive ranges, which I have to say, I've never tried before -I'm new to Elvive. However I was immediately drawn to the colour of this range. Of course this has absolutely nothing to do with the performance of the product, but I enjoy it anyway.

If you use it as suggested  -although I'm sure you could work one or two of these products into your usual hair car routine, you begin with the masque that you apply to your roots and leave in for up to 5 minutes. Followed by the shampoo and conditioner that you use as normal. All three products are quite heavily perfumed, which I don't mind as I enjoy the scent, but it's something to think about.

The masque really does have a clay type texture to it, which does make it that bit easier to apply to your roots. My only issue with this that it dyes your fingers tips a greyish blue! Has this happened to anyone else? It does come off after a couple of washes, but still -not a good look.

I was expecting to use this range a couple of times before seeing results, but from the first use I manged an extra day between washes, that was without the masque. When I used it a second time with the masque, I could get away with an extra two at a push. My hair feels clean and light -not at all weighed down or heavy at the roots - but at the same time it doesn't feel dry or stripped! The lengths and ends of my hair feel soft and conditioned, something that's hard to find with oil controlling products. A few clarifying shampoo's I've used in the past have help with my roots but left my ends needing extra conditioner -this range looks after both.

Also, as I mentioned, my scalp can be rather sensitive to certain hair products but I've had no issues with using this range (apart from the blue fingers). If you're having the same sort of problem I'd definitely recommend these products -for once something that does exactly as it claims too!

Well done Lo'real! If you'd like to try them out they're currently on 3 for £10 in Boots.



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