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Friday, 5 February 2016

Made Me Happy This Week

This week has been surrounded with drama. Absolutely everyone seems to be having some kind of issue, sadly some much bigger than others. Even we've had a couple of things thrown at us. But you have to deal with life's problems as best you can, and try not to get too worried about it all -even if that can be hard. All of that aside, it has been a lovely week and lets be honest, it's always better to focus on the positive. We celebrated our 10 year anniversary (you can read about it here), I've been helping my best friend get ready for her little girls birthday party tomorrow -it's been lovely to spend time with her, and generally had some very pleasant days.

1. My best friend and I have the most ridiculous outings. For example, we went on a little trip to pick up some off-cuts of astro turf (it's for the party decoration), and ended up trying to squeeze an enormous roll of it into the car! Also they man we'd spoken to about it all couldn't stick around, so if you'd seen us it really did look as if we were stealing.

2. Paul giving me a neck rub in the morning after I woke with in the most uncomfortable position with an aching neck. *Note to self -must get new pillows!

3. Finally having a new Urban Decay primer -I feel ashamed to say how long I'd had my other one. Lets just say it was past it's best, packaging and product.

4. I am now the very happy owner of a mini muffin tray. While I won't be making mini muffins I am planning on making chocolate cups filled with anything and everything that I can think of -Biscoff spread is definitely going to be first. Just think of the possibilities!

5. While typing this I have tea and a Kinder Bueno and it's making me very happy indeed. Especially since we've been so good with what we've been eating lately.

6. The fridge being full of goodies for our Pancake Day lunch on Sunday. I know it's not officially until Tuesday but Sunday works better for us so that's what we're doing.

7. Booking tickets for exciting things for when we're in New York.

8. Our new luggage tags! They are so bright and so ridiculous, and I love them!


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