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Friday, 19 February 2016

Made Me Happy This Week

{missing that beautiful blue sky from last Sunday}

Seeing as it's Friday, I'd usually be looking forward to tomorrow being a little slower but I have a feeling that's not going to be the case this week. My to-do list is getting longer by the minute so I'm hoping by Sunday every thing's done, and we can lie in bed, eat pancakes and weather permitting do some exploring. Also, this week we ordered everything for our new bathroom -except the tiles, we're going into store to order them in a few days. I feel that we've been talking about this bathroom forever now, so to have things ordered is all very exciting (-things you never thought you'd say).

1. McDonald's for dinner tonight. Terrible I know, but sometimes it's just what you want, so when Paul suggested it -who was I to say no.

2. As we walked into Marks and Spencers last Saturday we were met with the most heartwarming sight. Walking towards us was the sweetest looking elderly gentleman (bow tie and all), carrying his food shopping and a huge bouquet of roses. As it was Valentines the next day we assumed that's what they were for -so lovely to see.

3. This life hack -it's honestly life changing stuff! I found it online last week and can't stop telling people about it, it will change bed making forever.

4. Truly hilarious afternoons with my mum and gran. They are so funny when they're together. 

5. Our growing collection of Easter chocolate! It's actually getting rather large now, but this year I'm determined to keep it hidden away until Easter time. As apposed to what we normally do, which is eat it from the minute it starts trickling into stores. To be honest I don't mind, but it's taking all the will power Paul has to not eat all the Cream Eggs.

6. Lighter evenings. I've found myself constantly checking the time this week with days getting that little bit longer.

7. Re-discovering old tops that had made their way to the back of the wardrobe, and sadly been forgotten about. An over sized grey jumper from Zara has been a particular good find.


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  1. Hopefully you get a relaxing Sunday!! I love a sneaky McDonald's every now and again!

    Jasmin Charlotte


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