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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Dreaming of Spring: Wishlist


This year I have a whole new appreciation for spring. I've always loved winter and all of it's cosy nights in and layering of knitwear, but lately I've found myself longing for, and dreaming of the warmer days that Spring could bring with it (hopefully soon). Also because everything has looked a little too grey for a little too long now, I'm looking forward to blossoms and bud and of course daffodils to brighten life up again.

I've found myself spending a lot of time lately, looking through all the pretty spring fashion (while wearing faux fur lined boots and parka's), and in my head have managed to make quite the list. These are some of my favourite bits and pieces...and it would seem I have a definite theme of blue running through everything.

Now we just need March to warm up and give us some beautiful spring weather
...fingers crossed.

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  1. Loving that trench and adorable off the shoulder striped top! These are all perfect spring pieces. Hope you treat yourself to a few of them:)


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