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Friday, 4 March 2016

Made Me Happy This Week


This week we've been car shopping, wondering around showrooms and talking to salesmen (not my favourite thing in the world). For those of you that don't know - I don't drive, Paul's the driver and he thinks it's time for a new car. There's also been a lot of noise and banging while the downstairs bathroom has had all the tiles knocked off the wall, and flooring taken up. I'm most definitely looking forward to a slightly quieter weekend and a lovely Mothers Day brunch on Sunday. What are your plans?

1. Buying fresh flowers to add a touch of Spring to the house. We haven't had any in quite a while, so I thought it was about time we added some life and colour around the place. Plus I love all the pretty tulips around at the moment.

2. Watching crowds of people try to get last minute mothers day cards in tiny card shops. All while being rather smug having got our weeks before.

3. Spending an afternoon at a cake smash photo shoot my best friend organised for her little girl. It was so much fun! Basically, baby + cake = hilarious mess and adorable photos.

4. I captured a spider with a glass!! Now I understand that doesn't seem all that impressive, but you should know how terrified I am of them! I've left the house before because there's been no one home to deal with one. So I was very proud of myself when I managed to do it. 

5. Kinder treats from my grandma -she's a sweetie.

6. Wondering around the garden centre and looking at all the pretty flowers I'd like in the garden. If only I knew how to look after them - or even when you're supposed to plant them?!

7. Being able to hang washing up outside again, Springs definitely around the corner.

8. Costa's chai lattes -I've had 3 this week. They're one of the best (if not the best) I've ever had.

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  1. I actually went and bought some flowers today! So lovely to add a bit of brightness to the flat :)

    Jasmin Charlotte


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