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Friday, 18 March 2016

Made Me Happy This Week


Today started off not so great, and I know this post is to highlight the happy things but I have to be honest. We slept in, Paul didn't feel too well, I had quite a few bits to do before we left for the day, but didn't really have time. All in all, it just left me in a little bit of a bad mood! However, by the time we were dressed, ready and out the door, Paul had cheered me right up and we've had the most lovely day. We had a very tasty lunch that for some reason we got for half price, and we did a little bit of shopping. Things have been so busy lately that we haven't had time for a proper day out together, so today's been a rather lovely start to the weekend.

1. Stocking up on a few very much missed Lush products -and a couple of glittery Easter ones. Paul's already refused to clean the bath after I've used the sparkly golden egg.

2. Ham and pineapple pizza -it'll always be a favourite of mine.

3. My mum waking us up at 5am! I know that sounds bloody annoying but sometimes it's lovely to see the morning begin.

4. Paul's brother and his girlfriend have just bought their first house, and our friend has just today, got the keys for his first house. It's all very exciting, and I assume the upcoming months will include a lot of diy.

5. A late night catch up with my best friend.

6. Picking up a brush cleaning mitt. I'm hoping this will help me to clean my make up brushes more often seeing as I now wont have to rub them into my hand.

7. Little treats from my grandmother, she always buys the most random of things but I love them. This week it was three boxes of sugar, one of which is very pretty sugar crystals. I think they'll be rather lovely to serve with coffee.

8. Spring bulbs flowering in the garden, lots of pretty purples and yellows.

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