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Friday, 25 March 2016

Made Me Happy This Week


It's the first day of the long weekend and I'm so ready for it! I would think this weekends going to include a lot of chocolate and carrot cake, but then, it is Easter so I'm allowing it. We don't have an entirely relaxed weekend as we have a few things we have to do, but I'm still hoping for some sunny weather so we can get out and about to make the most of the four days. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend!

1. Finally, smashing open our pound jar!! We've been waiting patiently to do it, so it was beyond satisfying to smash it with the hammer and get to count our coins.

2. Baked potatoes for lunch, with cheese and spring onions -very tasty!

3. My niece's little face when she seen me waiting for her outside of school -she actually screamed with excitement.

4. My mums reaction to the updated Thunderbirds cartoon, lets just say shes not very impressed that they've taken away the puppets.

5. Starbucks new spring collection, it's so pretty.

6. Having a day full of plans cancelled last minute, which ended up in a day of baking. Not a bad way to spend your time, especially when it's raining.

7. Curling my hair for the first time in absolutely ages. It's so long now that it takes quite some time but I do love it when it's finished.

8. Crushing Oreo's with a rolling pin to make the soil for the carrot cake. It's an oddly pleasing thing to do.

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  1. I totally get what you mean about crushing oreos with a rolling pin! Crushing biscuits it's sooo satisfying! (Guess it's letting all the built up emotions from the week out! Haha).
    Lovely post!
    Cloe X


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