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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Spring: To-Do List

Now that it's officially spring, I'm full of excitement and ideas of what I want to do during the coming months. As I've mentioned in some recent posts, spring has taken on a whole new life and meaning for me this year, I'm more excited and positive for it than in previous years. Instead of wishing the winter chills would come back so I can continue to wrap up in all my cosy layers, I'm now overjoyed that I can leave the house in a light jacket, and the pretty flowers blooming everywhere you look are leaving me very happy indeed. It's a season full of promise and I want to make the most of it!

Here's my list of some things I'd like to make sure to-do...

1. Spend as much time as possible outside. Now that the never ending winter has finally started to ease up I can't wait to get out and about that bit more often.

2. Have a good 'ol spring clean, and not just the house -the garden too. While the new year began in January, spring always feels like the best time for a fresh start. 

3. Spend some time exploring Edinburgh for some new cafes, ones that also have amazing coffee and cake. 

4. Plant some bulbs in the garden so we have some pretty flowers each year.

5. Fill the house with fresh flowers -tulips are my favourites at the moment! 

6. Visit a few farmers markets. Fresh asparagus, cheese and fresh bread will be high on the shopping list.

7. Make the absolute most of Easter weekend, we have no plans yet but I'm hoping they include some chocolate. I mean, it's only right!

8. Take a couple of day trips to explore some new areas and see a little more of the country.

9. Have a picnic somewhere beautiful (hopefully with cherry blossoms), with a large wicker basket full of goodies.  

So they're some of my to-do's this spring...what are your's?

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  1. These all sound ideal for Spring! I definitely want to keep loads of fresh flowers around, they make everything feel so much lighter!

    Jasmin Charlotte


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