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Friday, 15 April 2016

Made Me Happy This Week


If you were to ask me how I feel at the moment I don't think I could find the words to explain to you. I have constant butterflies, I keep laughing and smiling for no apparent reason and "excited" doesn't come close to describing it. This is all because in a matter of days, not weeks...but days, Paul and I will be in New York! When we booked it all those months ago it felt as if it would never come around, but it has, and we're going, and if I don't calm down I won't sleep for the next few nights. Hopefully the weekend will be quite relaxed and we can take our time doing some tidying and packing. 

1. Making a huge cake with my niece on Wednesday. She really is such a good little baker, I hardly have to help at all anymore. She's also decided she'd like to enter the Junior Bake-Off when she's old enough and not that I'm bias, but I think we have a little winner.

2. Spending Monday shopping with Paul for last minute holiday things, and stopping for tasty treats on the way home.

3. I'm pretty sure our little fluff ball knows we're leaving soon so she's been cuddling up to us at every available opportunity, which is really rather sweet.

4. My mum buying us some bars of that dark chocolate I mentioned last week, she thought we'd like some for the plane. She's so sweet

5. Having dinner mid-week with our best friends, we always have such a good time. The actual dinner it's self was the most random mix of food you'll ever see together on one table, but it all odly worked and was very tasty!

6. Picking up our dollars and travel card.

7. Waking up early every day this week at least an hour before my alarm, I love seeing more of the morning -it's such a peaceful quiet time. 

8. The sweetest card from our friends saying how excited they are for us and our trip, with a drawing of the Statue of Liberty included of course. They really are the best. 

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  1. Loved this Shelley! I'm travelling to Florida on Wednesday and can't wait! :) Have a fabulous time in NY!


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