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Friday, 8 April 2016

Made Me Happy This Week


This month is turning into, and will forever be know as, "the month of the list". I've lost count of the amount I've written in the past eight days - and that's even for me, a perpetual list writer. They make me feel much more organised, and watching tasks get ticked off pleases me greatly. The reason for so many is that we're going away soon (have I mentioned that, maybe only a few hundred times -I'm very excited!!) and there are a few things still to get, a few things to get organised, things in the house we have to do, and when you add that to the lists for packing and places to visit while we're away...well, you get the general idea.

1. A well over due catch up with C. Sometimes life gets busy and we don't get the chance to see each other as much as we'd like, but after what turned out to be a good 3 or 4 weeks, it was fun to spend a few hours chatting.

2. New trainers! I've well and truly jumped on the trainer trend, I've never been a big one for trainers but I'm a total convert. My feet are definitely thanking me.

3. Cereal for dinner is sometimes a must!

4. The day we leave for New York is also my mums birthday. I've been noting down some ideas of little surprises, even if we won't be here to see her. Nothing huge, but just a few little things I hope make her day that little bit more special.

5. Dark chocolate with raspberry. It's my new not so guilty treat after trying some at my mums.

6. Liz Earle's Eyebright has been a saviour of mine this week. My eyes have felt a little sore in the morning and this product is wonderful for cooling them down and getting them back to normal.

7. Making a little H&M order for some striped tops, you can never have too many.

8. Our apple trees are finally starting to blossom. I feel like they're a little late to the party this spring, but I'm glad it's happening.


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