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Friday, 22 April 2016

New York: My Travel Outfit


As we're away at the moment -probably jet lagged and eating far too much in New York, I thought instead of the usual "Made Me Happy" post, I'd share my travel outfit with you. Especially seeing as I'm quite pleased with it.

I haven't flow anywhere in quite some time -a few years actually, so I've been looking forward to each and every part of this trip for a while now. As excited as I am (even about the airport and plane journey) I haven't forgotten how important it is to be comfortable, for long flights especially.

When thinking about what I wanted to wear I knew first of all, it was going to be leggings! They're basically as comfortable as wearing pyjamas, while still managing to look stylish. Because our weather is so temperamental, I try to dress in layers most days, so I've applied the same thinking to this outfit. This shirt is fast becoming one of my favourite things to wear, it's so soft and was such a good price. Under that I wore a black t-shirt and for coat I had on my leather jacket. Because you can sometimes get cold on planes, I also wore my enormous blanket scarf from Asos -it's honestly huge! It was quite nice to have something to wrap up in on the plane. On my feet, to finish the outfit off I wore my new Adidas Superstars. I never thought they'd be a pair of shoes I'd own but I'm very glad I feet have never been so comfortable.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

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