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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Tips for a Good Night's Sleep


We seem to live in a world now where no one sleeps, we're all so busy with work and social commitments that our minds never seem to stop. Not to mention all the technology keeping our already busy minds even more active.

I'm a very light sleeper, nearly anything will wake me up, and even nights when I go to bed feeling completely exhausted, it can take me a long time to finally fall asleep. Also, I'm sure he won't mind me saying (we're all friends here after all), but Paul snores. He could fall asleep on a washing line, so most nights it only takes his head to hit the pillow and that's him gone. If he starts to snore before I manage to drift off then that's me awake for at least another hour.

I thought I'd share some of the tips I've picked up recently, plus a couple that I've used for a while myself, in case -like me, you sometimes struggle to get a good nights sleep.

-good bedding-
Bad pillows or the wrong kind of duvet can ruin your good nights sleep -not to mention the neck cramps you could wake up with. You spend a large part of your life in bed so, make sure the bedding you buy is good quality and that it's made up of things you find the most comfortable. 

-keep a notebook beside the bed-
This is something I've done for quite a long time now. I have a very active mind -overactive some might say, and I will regularly wake up at silly times of the night with something I've suddenly remembered I have to do, and idea for a blog post that I must write down or any other nonsense that seems important in the early hours. Having a notebook there means that I can wake up, make a scribbled note and go back to sleep knowing I won't forget it. Also knowing it's there in case I need it can sometimes help, even if I don't write anything down.

-watching tv-
I know some people who find it helpful to drift off to sleep with the tv on, even some people who need to have it on, and couldn't possibly sleep without it. Some night's we will watch television right before bed, or even in bed -but I have to be careful with what I watch. It has to be fun, lighthearted, nothing to heavy or serious. I have very vivid dreams and I find that anything with a big serious story line or something incredibly emotional, can sometimes spill over into my dreams and again -cause me to wake up.

-sleep sprays-
If you'd asked me about these a couple of years ago I'd have passed them off as a waste of money and not given them a second thought. But after finding one in my beauty advent calendar two years ago I've become a huge fan. The scents are very relaxing and help you to unwind as you try to drift off, my favourite is the This Works Pillow Spray. 

-avoid clocks-
If I still have a bad night when I do wake up I don't under any circumstances look at the time. It's such a small thing but I find looking at the time then causes me to lie there and stress about the fact that I'm still awake, and need to be up in X amount of hours. If you don't know what time it is, then you cant worry about it and put yourself under any extra stress or pressure trying to get back to sleep.



  1. Nice tips! I just bought a lavender sleep spray today as I've read about them recently and I'm excited to use it.
    Tea and Cakes

  2. These tips will help you sleep better at night and be more energetic and productive during waking hours.

  3. I personally like the sateen type of finish sheets for my bed, just because it’s softer it helps me to have comfortable sleep. When it comes to improving sleep, activity leading up to bedtime and the quality of a mattress are more important.


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