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Friday, 27 May 2016

Made Me Happy This Week


I feel as if we've had more than the usual amount of Bank Holiday weekends over the first half of this year -not that I'm complaining! I love these longer weekends, they feel slower and much more relaxed, and the extra lazy morning in bed isn't a bad thing either. I'm hoping we have time for at least one late lunch or brunch. Tonight though, we are kicking off our weekend with a night on the sofa, a good film and those doughnuts up there. Seeing as I'm the worlds biggest Nutella fan I've told I have to try them -I have high hopes! How are you spending your Bank Holiday weekend?

1. Our new cherry tree, I think I mentioned last week that we were going to get one. Shes (yes shes a she) so beautiful, and while I'm sure she wont produce any fruit this year, we can still enjoy how pretty she is.

2. The drive home with our new cherry tree. It was really quite funny. Clearly we hadn't put all that much thought into the transportation aspect of thing. All very safe though, I promise.

3. My new choker necklace, I have to say -something I never thought I'd wear but I really rather like it.

4. The white and purple flowers brightening up our living room.

5. How every time I visit my gran, she gives me and who ever I'm with sweets or chocolate of some kind. She's such a sweetie.

6. Long drives on rainy afternoons.

7. Dealing with the most friendly, helpful girl when calling customer services. It always makes a big difference.

8. A lovely morning spent having tea with my grandma.

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