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Friday, 17 June 2016

Made Me Happy This Week


I had the idea at the beginning of this week, that this weekend would include at least one alarm-less morning, but I've since been told that's not likely to be the case. But on a more positive note, it does mean we get more of the days to enjoy. It's also that time of the month when the kitchen cupboards start to look a little bare, so we will have to make a point of getting some food shopping done -I'll have my lists at the ready. But before we get into a weekend of to-do's and possible long lunches, here's a few things that have made me happy this week...

1. Birthday Cake Oreo's! If you follow me on Twitter (here), you may have already seen me mention these, but they're so good it needed saying again. Kind of sad we only bought one packet now.

2. Snacking on beetroot with chilli flacks.

3. Every so often my gran buys me fancy sugar cubes, or crystals to use when we want something more special. It's something we never think to buy ourselves, but always enjoy when we have them. This week she gave me a pair of antique silver sugar cube tongs to use with them -such a lovely gift.

4. Writing lists for food shopping. To some it's a chore, but I enjoy it.

5. With the weather basically consisting of rain, rain and more rain this week, I've enjoyed quite a bit of baking. Probably more than I should have, but I'm using the excuse that "I'm using up left overs" -that's believable, right?

6. Waking up 15 minutes early so Paul and I can have breakfast together before the day begins.

7. Sitting at the back door and listening to the rain as it falls and hits everything in the garden. It's so calming and peaceful.

8. Large vanilla iced lattes. Even when it's raining, they can't be beaten.


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