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Friday, 22 July 2016

Made Me Happy This Week


That my friends, is our first strawberry of the year, straight from the garden! I'm so pleased with it, and there seems to be a fair few more that look as if they'll soon be ready to pick. I like to imagine some times, that Paul and I are expert gardeners...when in actual fact we kill many plants! So I'm over the moon with our little berries. This week has been one of those that have just flown by, I honestly wonder where the times gone. I worry some times that as we get older, and have more to do with more responsibilities, that we forget to enjoy life at the same time...then before you know it, another years gone by! But it's once again the weekend and I fully intend to make the most of it. How about you?

1. The beautiful spots we've discovered while playing Pokemon Go. Plus how much we're still bloody loving that game!

2. The delivery man laughing at me for the size of my Asos order.

3. Ordering one or two early Christmas presents. I'm sorry, especially to those of you that consider that to be a bad word at this point in the year. But it makes me feel better knowing I've started, and by the time it does arrive, how organised I'll be.

4. Food shopping. And not just any food shopping. The huge food shops you do when you come home with enough food, so that it feels as if you'll never have to buy any again.

5. Phone calls with my grandma. No matter how many times a week I speak to her, our phone calls are always over 30 minutes. Once she gets going she just can't stop herself.

6. Yogurt coated popcorn, it's a new favourite in the house.

7. Listening to how excited our friend is because his moving date is so nearly here. I'm sure I mentioned it, months ago now that he'd bought his first home. Well, he's spend the past little while doing it up and he thinks next weekend is the big move!

8. The thunder and lightening storm we had on Wednesday morning. It was so dark out side that it felt like winter, and even at 9.45am, I was still turning lights on. I know that doesn't sound like a happy thing, but I do sometimes miss the dark morning, I know they aren't for everyone, but I enjoy them.

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  1. Ahh you are so organised I can't deal! I haven't done a food shop for weeks and Christmas will not be dealt with until December. So happy for the strawberry though, a great success!

    Jasmin Charlotte


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