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Friday, 8 July 2016

Made Me Happy This Week


Today has been the perfect day to end the week, or begin the weekend depending on how you look at it. My whole weeks been very pleasant but today was fantastic. We basically had an impromptu baking day -you could say we went a little overboard...maybe. C, her little girl and I made three different kinds of cupcakes and a batch of double chocolate chip cookies. Too much...? C had been watching Cake Boss in the morning and it started the whole thing off, plus she had the idea to add bacon to one of them after seeing it on the show, so we did! We made maple bacon brown sugar cupcakes! I know, I know...they're honestly amazing. Funnily enough though, Paul, the biggest lover of bacon and maple syrup, doesn't like them! We were a little shocked, but it means more for us. This weekend Paul and I are going to finish watching the Harry Potter films (for the 800th time) , what are your plans?

1. Our new bacon cupcake creation...I can see it becoming a regular thing!

2. Easter Egg Nest tea from Bluebird Co. It was a gift for my birthday and it's so bloody tasty, I hope they bring it back next year so I can stock up. It tastes like Mini Eggs!

3. The Secret Life of Pets, I have to admit it wasn't quite as good as I thought it was going to be, but still very funny. Also, it was a really lovely night with Paul.

4. An afternoon in Edinburgh with C and her girls -even if it was bloody freezing!!

5. Celebrity Master Chef. I've missed most of it so I've been catching up this week -I do love that show. It's also left me longing for the Bake Off to come back.

6. Jo Malone, Pomegranate body wash. I will forever love that sent. It also makes lovely bubble bath.

7. Freshly washed pyjama's and freshly washed bedding -an amazing combination at bed time.

8. Our little fluff ball and how she cuddles up to Paul as we go to sleep, I managed to get a sneaky picture a few days ago.

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  1. Those cupcakes look amazing! So impressed with your maple bacon, I think I would love it!

    Jasmin Charlotte


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