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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Signature Scents


I've never considered myself someone who has a signature scent, but after something Paul said the other day, it got me thinking -maybe I do. We were in Jo Malone, and I was picking up a bottle of Peony and Blush Suede, one of my favourite summer perfumes. He picked up a tester of Pomegranate Noir and told me that he thinks of me when ever he smells it. He considers it "my scent", and I guess he's right. I've never had a huge selection of perfumes, I've always stuck to a handful of ones I love, and I have been wearing Pomegranate Noir for years now. Not to mention using the body cream, hand wash, bath oil and burning the candles. The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea that I have a signature scent, one that instantly remind someone of me. But I also realised that you can have more than one.

Scent is such a enormous memory trigger for me. A smell can take me right back to a point in the past, and even remind me of the emotions of that time. I started thinking about all the perfumes I wear, and how they each signify something special, so to me they are my signature scents for different reasons and different times of the year. These are my favourite three.

While Pomegranate Noir reminds Paul of me, it also reminds me of him, of the day he asked me to marry him. The scent takes me straight back to that morning in Edinburgh when we were lying on the grass. It also makes me think of the Christmas season. Its my favourite perfume for that time of year. It make me think of Christmas decorations, cold days out in the city and warm nights in by candle light.

Peony and Blush Suede instantly makes me think of spring and summer. It's the one I usually turn to at this time of year and it remind me of everything wonderful about the seasons -and berry picking specifically...which makes me giggle. This year though, it gained a whole new set of memories. It's the only perfume I took to New York when we went in April, and now whenever I smell it, I can close my eyes and be back in sunny Central Park.

Blackberry and Bay is one I wear far less often, but love just as much as the others for the memories it gives me. A girl in Jo Malone once told me it was one of their most popular summer scents, for me however, it's for autumn. When I smell it, all I can think of are the beautiful multi-coloured leaves, and the sound they make crunching beneath your feet as you walk (or leap in the piles!). It makes me think of tartan blankets and hot flasks of tea -not to mention apple crumble!

So while I never gave much thought to signature scents before, I do enjoy the idea. And that I can have a select few that mean so much to me and bring me so many happy memories. A tiny collection that I hope to add to as we go off on adventures or do wonderful things.

Do you have a signature scent?



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