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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Enjoying the Last of the Fringe


Last Sunday, Paul and I decided to head into Edinburgh to enjoy the last little bit of the Fringe Festival, and take in the beautiful sunshine that had decided to come out at exactly the right time. We haven't made it to any shows or events this year, which is a little sad because there are some amazing ones on offer, not to mention so many talented people. But, even if you are aren't going to anything specific, the city has an amazing atmosphere throughout August and even to just spend time there is so much fun, which was our plan for the afternoon.


It was past lunch time when we made our way in to the city centre, and we were starving, so our first thought was of course food. The food trucks and stalls this year were fantastic! We walked around St Andrews square trying to choose what to eat -which was some task believe me! Paul ended up with a haggis burrito. I know -eewww, I can't stand haggis either, so it wouldn't have been my first choice, but they are two of his favourite things so it had to be done. I went for a BBQ halloumi ciabatta with roasted peppers and salad, and seeing that triple cooked chips were available we picked up an order to share. When the Festival is on, St Andrews square is always packed full of shows, food, different pop up bars and live music. We found a spot on the grass to eat our lunch and enjoy the sun. We lay there for a while listening to the live music, everything from opera to old rock classics. After a while I left Paul on the grass to keep our spot, while I ran off to pick up a sweet treat from a food truck we'd spotted earlier. It was an old camper van that served creme brulee! We couldn't not, so I got a plain vanilla and a peanut butter blondie for us to share -they were some of the best creme brulee's I've ever eaten, and the girls serving were so friendly. 


After more lazying around on the grass we eventually made a move a went for a walk, with no destination in mind, just to enjoy the festival atmosphere. We watched street performers with fire, insanely talented acrobatics, singers with the most beautiful voices and a man blowing huge bubbles.

It's sad to see it go for another year, but I'm sure next time it rolls around we'll end up spending a lot more time there.  



Friday, 26 August 2016

Made Me Happy This Week


It turns out that this weekend is a four day weekend for us -woohoo! It's even more exciting because until yesterday I'd completely forgotten bout it. So, we've planned a couple of trips into Edinburgh, one into the city to see a little of the Fringe Festival as we haven't had a chance so far this year. I hear the food trucks are amazing this time round -someone mentioned a creme brulee one! We also have a few things that need done in the house, just general chores and diy but it should be a nice balance of time at home and time spent exploring. What are your plans?

1. A cup of tea in my New York mug to start the day.

2. The Bake Off being back on tv, making Wednesday nights so much better.

3. Cookie Monster ice-cream! I can't quite put my finger on the taste, and the lady serving wasn't exactly sure either, but it was tasty and full of cookies and chocolate chips. It also left my tongue blue which pleased the 5 year old in me.

4. Finding a great spot for catching Pokemon not far from where we live. You turn the corner and at least 5 appear at once.

5. Finding out that you can buy ice-cream for dogs! Don't worry, it's completely free off dairy and it's the perfect treat for them on hot days.

6. Snacking on left over brownies from Wednesdays Bake Off night, the salted caramel is so addictive. I can see theses becoming an autumn favourite.

7. Realising how the patterns of sunlight have changed in the garden, meaning that we're coming to the end of summer...I love the light in the evenings at the moment.

8. My mum coming up for no other reason than to kill two spiders for me. Shes good like that.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The Great British Bake Off


Tonight is the start of this years Great British Bake Off -will you be watching? We definitely will, and we couldn't be more excited for it to be back on tv.

This year we've also made an important decision! We've been watching the show for years now, and without fail, halfway through each episode we start seriously craving some kind of cake. We then end up rummaging around in the kitchen trying to concoct something that will satisfy us, but sadly it never does. This year however we're starting off on the right foot! This afternoon I've made a batch of salted caramel brownies for enjoying with tonight's episode. I plan on making sure this trend continues over the course of the series. Also, the recipe is incredibly easy and far too tasty for it's own good, I might share it here soon.

So, we're now all set for tonight...bring on the Bake Off!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Fish and Chips by the Sea


One thing we think of doing each and every summer, but something we never get around to, is to have fish and chips by the sea. We talk about it each year as the weather starts to warm up but we always seem to forget.

On Sunday afternoon to make the most of the beautiful (if a little cold) weatherwe headed down to South Queensferry. It's a beautiful little place, which looks up at the Forth Rail Bridge and out over the water. It's full of the sweetest cafes, shops and restaurants and you can easily spend an afternoon sipping coffee and watching the boats sail by. After spending some time exploring the shops and trying to decide on a place for coffee, we headed to what I had been told was an amazing fish and chip shop for a late lunch. We ordered fish and chips to share, and then headed down to the pebbled part of the beach to enjoy it -no sand in our food for us. Oh, and it was as good as I'd been told!

After our food, and some time spent watching the boats and playing with all the dogs in sight, we headed for some ice-cream -I mean, the sun had come back out so it was the only fair. We slowly wondered back to the car, trying to eat ice-cream without hair blowing in it, mine, not Paul's, and then headed home.

I know summers coming to an end soon, but it was such a lovely way to spend an afternoon, that I'd love to try and squeeze in one more meal by the sea before it gets too cold.


Friday, 12 August 2016

Made Me Happy This Week


My god! This week has gone by fast, don't you think?! I swear I was only just writing one of these posts. There hasn't been much in the way of writing or posting around here over the last few days, and it's simple because of how busy this weeks been. I did want to make sure this one went up though, even if I am currently painting, washing up and making cupcakes. There has been quite a lot going on, but while I haven't managed to get anything up this week - due to my lack of planning and organisation, I have planned and noted down lots of things that will be here soon. The best and happiest thing of the week has to be our bathroom. While it has taken what seems like forever, it's done, and I freaking love it! I think as soon as I pick up some little bits, and the right towels I'll share it with you, because right now it's pretty white. 

1. Our bathroom of course, as only just mentioned...but I love having our shower room back! I never thought I'd say I was sick of baths but...even Lush can't make me love them right now.

2. Having my mum, gran and little brother up for a big family style, help yourself kind of breakfast.

3. Picking up copper cup and spoon measurements in the sale. I've wanted cup measures for such a long time and I'm not sure why I never got round to buying any. 

4. My first ever attempt at blueberry muffins was a huge success, so much so that they didn't even make it until the next day. 

5. My new metallic Converse.

6. Our fridge is once again full of raspberries, freshly picked and so tasty that a lot have already been eaten.

7. Being very proud of myself for not eating the jar of Nutella that has now been in the cupboard for over a week. 

8. Pokemon walks on cold nights, meaning I finally got to use my new Starbucks tumbler. It was full of gingerbread chai tea, in case you wondered. 

Friday, 5 August 2016

Made Me Happy This Week


All day today I've been positive it's Thursday, the whole weeks been like that -for most of it I've had no idea what day we've been on. It's why this post is so late going up! I kept thinking "I'd do it tomorrow morning to go up tomorrow evening", all the while not realising that it was actually for today. Madness! Anyway, hows your week going? Here are some happy things to kick off the weekend.

1. The most hilarious moments with my best friend, that just remind me how weird we really are!

2. Late night walks with Paul, catching Pokemon. 

3. My new jumpsuit. Over the past few years I've fallen in love with jumpsuits and have somehow built up a little collection. Me from years ago, would never have thought they'd be something I could wear, but in actual fact they're very flattering. 

4. Paul's homemade Starbucks lattes. I have one beside me right now...very tasty indeed.

5. Our boiler being fixed and us once again have hot water!! No more boiling the kettle five times to do the dishes.

6. Getting far too excited for Halloween, even though it's only a few days into August. Also, can we just take a moment to process that...How is it already August?!

7. The most satisfying box of sugar cubes you will ever see. Each one lined up perfectly and all the same size, it's not like that now of course but it pleased me when I opened it. 

8. Finding Paul napping on the bed, with a small dog trying her best to get under his arm for a cuddle. 


Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Currently, I am...


Enjoying -the walking we do with Pokemon Go. I used to walk so much more than I do now, I think it's the difference between having a big dog that needs lots of walking, and a teenie tiny one that really doesn't. It's given us a reason to get out and walk -not that you need a reason but it's fun to have one.

Listening -to old music on Spotify. And by old music I mean songs from our teenage years -so I guess it's not all that old. It's so funny how certain songs can bring back memories and emotions from that time. So many of them remind me of Paul in some way.

Drinking -lots and lots of ice water. I've been making a real effort to drink more than I have been lately.

Wishing -I was back in New York. I honestly love that city so much more than I ever thought I could. I miss it like I miss home. The odd sunny day we get to enjoy at the moment, also makes me miss it that little bit more. We had such glorious weather while we were there, that when it is beautiful here, it leaves me longing to be back wandering around Central Park with an iced latte.

Eating -raspberries and yogurt coated popcorn. The former, of course, very good for you, the latter not so much. It is however delicious and you can't be good 100% of the time, life would be very dull if we were.

Planning -something very exciting! I'll share what it is with you all very soon, but at the moment it's our little secret.

Loving -leggings. I've been wearing them most days lately and love how they look with my Puma trainers and leather jacket.

Watching -two very different TV shows! Robot Wars, it's back, do you remember the series from years ago? Paul and I have been watching that, and Eden. After discussing it at length we have learned that Paul is pretty sure he could cope without modern necessities for a while...I however, and 100% certain I couldn't.
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