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Friday, 26 August 2016

Made Me Happy This Week


It turns out that this weekend is a four day weekend for us -woohoo! It's even more exciting because until yesterday I'd completely forgotten bout it. So, we've planned a couple of trips into Edinburgh, one into the city to see a little of the Fringe Festival as we haven't had a chance so far this year. I hear the food trucks are amazing this time round -someone mentioned a creme brulee one! We also have a few things that need done in the house, just general chores and diy but it should be a nice balance of time at home and time spent exploring. What are your plans?

1. A cup of tea in my New York mug to start the day.

2. The Bake Off being back on tv, making Wednesday nights so much better.

3. Cookie Monster ice-cream! I can't quite put my finger on the taste, and the lady serving wasn't exactly sure either, but it was tasty and full of cookies and chocolate chips. It also left my tongue blue which pleased the 5 year old in me.

4. Finding a great spot for catching Pokemon not far from where we live. You turn the corner and at least 5 appear at once.

5. Finding out that you can buy ice-cream for dogs! Don't worry, it's completely free off dairy and it's the perfect treat for them on hot days.

6. Snacking on left over brownies from Wednesdays Bake Off night, the salted caramel is so addictive. I can see theses becoming an autumn favourite.

7. Realising how the patterns of sunlight have changed in the garden, meaning that we're coming to the end of summer...I love the light in the evenings at the moment.

8. My mum coming up for no other reason than to kill two spiders for me. Shes good like that.

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