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Monday, 19 September 2016

A Homegrown Harvest


There's something really rather lovely about being able to go into the garden and pick your own fruit. Although this will be our third autumn in this house (that seems unbelievable!), it's the first time we've had a really good crop of apples from the trees. They were a little unkempt and unloved by the previous owners -as was the house to be honest, so over time time we've been trying to nurse them back to health. The larger tree was being starved by the over grown bed it was living in, so much so in fact, that the first time it produced any fruit, I think it only had three or four apples. The smaller tree of the two is always covered in them, but they'd never get very large and most of them wouldn't be good for much. Except of course for the birds who enjoyed eating them from the trees.

We've spent some time cutting off the unnecessary branches and all the bits that I'm pretty sure had started to die, and this year both tree have an abundance of fruit. And not just teenie tiny apples, good sized ones that can be used for lots of different things.

I do wish we knew what kind of apples they were though. I've tried through many internet searches and I've had no luck identifying them, but at least they are edible...we know that much.

This is our first crop of apples from the tree's this year. There are still plenty more to be picked but they don't seem ready just yet. We've already thought of a few tasty things to do with them. The standard stewed apples which is one of my favourite porridge toppings on cold mornings, apple pie -of course, and maybe even a chutney to put by for Christmas.



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