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Friday, 16 September 2016

Made Me Happy This Week


I've never been happier to have these little posts, than I have been this week. It's been a tough one, especially at the beginning, but making notes of the small happy things in each day really do help and remind you that the bad wont last forever. And that was really why I started them, even on the worst of days, it's hard not to find at least one thing to smile about. As the days have passed things have started to get better and now we've reached the weekend I'm hoping for some easier days. How has your week been?

1. Having the best friends I think we could ever ask for. They take your mind off even the most rubbish of times and always leave you smiling.

2. Picking some apples from our garden, I'm excited to make something with them soon. Or maybe even a few things because we have quite a crop this year.

3. An afternoon out with Paul's gran for her birthday. It was full of tea, scones and sunshine -and most importantly, she had a lovely time.

4. Seeing the leaves beginning to change almost everywhere now.

5. On rather rubbish mornings, when you haven't had much sleep the night before and you still wake up far too early. Going to pick up breakfast from McDonald's and coming back to eat it in bed is a wonderful thing to do...even if it's not the healthiest start to the day.

6. Mid-week visits from my grandma and little brother.

7. Finding the new Yankee Christmas candles in our local garden centre. They are nice...but nothing will ever replace our favourite Red Apple Wreath for that time of year.

8. Relaxing baths using my Jo Malone bath oil. Not just the bathroom but the whole upstairs of the house smell amazing afterwards. I think it actually also helps on nights when you can't sleep.

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