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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Non-Scary Halloween Films


With Halloween fast approaching and the nights getting darker much earlier, it's that time of year when curling up with a good movie sounds just perfect.

As much as I love Halloween, I hate to be scared -if you hide and jump out at me we will no longer be friends! This is the time of year when if you suggest watching a film everyone thinks 'horror', but they aren't for me. I used to watch them when I was younger at Halloween parties and sleepovers, but I used to be so frightened afterwards that I'd have to sleep with my head tucked tight under the covers. As I got older I stopped watching them altogether, because in all honesty...I can't stand them! 

These are some of my favourite films for Halloween, ones that anyone can enjoy, and that aren't going to leave you hiding under the covers for the next week once the lights go out! We will be watching some of these this coming Saturday night while tucking into mac n cheese and treat size sweets.

Hocus Pocus has to be one of my very favourite films for this time of year, not just Halloween -I don't think I could let a year pass without watching it. It's such a funny film, and you cant help but love the witches. Young Frankenstein is a film that when I was little, I thought was really old because it's in black and white. I've of course since found out that it was made that way deliberately. It's one of those films I haven't seen too many times but it always brings back memories of me and my little brother, watching it with my mum when we were little. It wouldn't be Halloween for me without Ghostbusters or The Gremlins. They have been favourites for such a long time and need no explaining really...they're just classics!

So that's what we'll be watching this Halloween, what are your favourite non-scary films...or do you prefer horror?



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