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Friday, 18 November 2016

Made Me Happy This Week


You know the decorating I've been's finished! The extension room, that was more of a storage area than actual usable space is finally done and in time to get it ready for Paul's birthday. It's wonderful to have it again, the house feels twice the size -and cleaner! No more constant tidying and hoovering due to dust and debris being dragged throughout! It's also a huge weight off my mind that it's done before the madness of Christmas begins in December.

1. The frost carpeting the garden in the mornings, and some days into the afternoon. It is such a pretty time of year.

2. With the days being so cold now, I've rediscovered my beloved Chai Lattes from Twinning. They've been my go-to to warm up on chilly afternoons.

3. The feeling of satisfaction after a morning of cleaning the house.

4. I'm a Celebrity is back on TV, this makes me very happy for two reasons. 1 -because it's very funny, and I love this years contestants, and 2 -it's also an unofficial countdown to Christmas.

5. That time of day with the most beautiful, and aptly named golden hour of light. It makes everything look so beautiful.

6. Penguin biscuits, the best biscuits to have with tea. Do you know the trick of how to eat them?

7. Our new Christmasy snowflake pillow, its such a lovely blue velvet.

8. Buying ingredients to make my first pecan pie for our sort of Thanks Giving dinner next week - I hope it turns out well!

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