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Monday, 7 November 2016

Nutella Lattes


Let me introduce you to the Nutella Latte! The most simple yet insanely delicious drink you will ever try...I promise!

I came across the idea for this a few weeks ago on a Starbucks hidden drinks menu, although it contained no actual Nutella, the idea seemed to good to not try at home. I gave it a go one cold rainy Sunday, and I've wanted one every day since. But while it does seem like the perfect afternoon treat, it's probably best to keep them as an occasional thing, rather than every day.


It's so simple to make that I feel silly even writing a recipe for you, but here we go...

Ingredients: (per person)
Hot milk -to half fill your mug of choice
1 teaspoon of Nutella

-Make your espresso however you like it, I use a cafetiere because that's what we have but anyway is fine. Pour this in to your favourite mug and stir in 1 heaped teaspoon of Nutella.

-Pour over your hot milk, froth it up if you like the foam...and that is pretty much all there is to it.

I like to add a little bit around the edge of the mug, totally unnecessary but extra Nutella is never a bad thing in my books.

I've made a few of these now and they work well with different milk if you aren't a fan of dairy, and with instant coffee too if you don't use the whole bean kind. My absolute favourite coffee to use for these lattes is the Starbucks Ethiopia blend, it works really well with the Nutella flavour.

I can see these taking over from my go-to hot chocolates this winter.



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  1. These look so amazing, really want to try making them.


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