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Monday, 14 November 2016

Some Very Exciting News...


I've mentioned a couple of times recently that I had some incredibly exciting news to share with you, but up until now it just didn't feel right to do so. Do you ever feel as if saying something too prematurely or hinting at something that's so far away in time will ruin it completely? Well that's how I started to feel, I felt if I wrote it all down for anyone to read that something horrible would happen and then I'd have to write something else explaining to you all why it was no longer something we were doing. Thankfully I no longer feel that way and am beyond excited to share our news with you all...

are you ready...



It feels odd to finally say that here, as if it makes it more real in some way, because truthfully at the point it doesn't feel it. I can't begin to explain how happy and excited we both are, and now that it's less than a year away I also feel quite nervous.

Paul and I have been best friends since the day we started high school together, we've also now been a couple for over ten years -somethings that still astonishes me! He really is the most wonderful person and it fills my heart with joy to know that he's there for me. We have actually been engaged for quite a few years, I think maybe four or five, but due to a few different factors life can put in the we haven't yet managed to set a date -until now! 

Next year, on October 25th, Paul and I will be standing in New York, in Central Park (weather permitting) saying our vows to each other in a place that's oh so special to us. It will just be the two of us, it's an elopement of sorts I guess, but everyone does already know so it's not a secret. We didn't want to run away without telling anyone, plus while we want to go away by our self, we still wanted everyone to be able to join in and be involved in some way.

We don't have too much information to share with you at the moment, just the date really, But during the run up to the day it's self I'd love to take you along where I can and share bits and pieces of the journey. Starting hopefully with dress shopping -if I can. I know some places don't allow cameras or photography of any kind so that may not be possible, but I'll see what I can do.

It's honestly the most exciting time, and I still can't believe it's actually happening.

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