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Friday, 2 December 2016

Made Me Happy This Week


One of the happiest things about this week has to be that it's now December. It's officially the month of Christmas and it's really started to feel that way too. This weeks been full of festive things in fact, Christmas markets, hot chocolates, present shopping and advent calendar making. This Sunday is Paul's birthday, so tomorrow I'll spend most of my time making his cake and a giant Reeses cup -but don't tell him, that last parts a secret. 

1. The most wonderful Nutella hot chocolate from the Christmas market. So wonderful, that it came with a generous teaspoon of Nutella stuck into the whipped cream.

2. Spending the evenings sitting beside our beautiful tree and all of it's twinkling lights.

3. Advent calendars are once again in our life...I can feel my chocolate addiction growing already.

4. Grabbing a couple of bargains in the Black Friday sales, one of which is a beautiful pair of suede boots. One day I will buy appropriate footwear for where I live.

5. Taking our huge fluffy queen sized throw up to bed. It's honestly so hard to get out if what is now a big pile of covers, pillows and throws -especially on those really cold mornings.

6. Elf socks!

7. Walking into Tesco and being met with nothing but decorations and Christmas music.

8. Cake and tea, and an afternoon with Paul's grandma.

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