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Friday, 30 December 2016

Made Me Happy This Week


This passed week has been as perfect as I think it possibly could have been. Christmas was wonderful, and even though I've been sick for basically two months I was fine on the day...a little sniffly but, fine. We spent the day opening presents, laughing with friends and family and then watching Christmas TV and films at night with a table of cheese and After Eights. We've spent the days since relaxing, having late lazy mornings with long leisurely breakfasts, the occasional visit and lots of cosy evenings on the sofa -just how the festive break should be. Things are now of course winding down as we head to the New Year this weekend. I've already started to pack away some of the Christmas decorations, and yesterday I made a huge pot of mac n cheese to use up some of the pile we still have in the fridge. I'm truly amazed at how fast this year has gone by, so here is the last 'Made Me Happy' post of 2016.

1. Snacking on all the Christmas Chocolate!

2. How the kitchen is currently full of the smell of honey mustard ham. We decided to space things out and cook our Christmas ham closer to New Year, I'm so glad we did! The amount of food around the 25th was more than enough without adding a ham!

3. How it is more than acceptable; expected really, to be in pyjamas for entire days between the 25th and the 1st.

4. Paul. He is honestly and truly the best and most wonderful part of my life, he somehow manages to make each Christmas better than the last.

5. Homemade waffles for breakfast with Paul's new waffle maker.

6. Helping Paul build the Lego set he got from my mum for Christmas.

7. Starting to think about plans and events for the year ahead, and already making notes to keep me on track.

8. Feeling so happy and thankful that we have such amazing friends and family who spoil us each year.

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