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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Three Recent Favourites


Over the last week or so there have been three completely random things that I've been enjoying, so much so that I wanted to mention them here. Each very different but they've been leaving a smile on my face.

The first, and I think by far my favourite is 'This Modern Love' by Will Darbyshire. This was a surprise gift from Paul -he's such a thoughtful little thing. The book is the most beautiful collection of words, phrases, thoughts and letter all curated by Will and presented in a way that takes you through each stage of love. Some of the letters are quite funny, some are so heartwarming they bring a tear to your eye and what I love most about it, is the way they've been kept raw and just the way they were written. They haven't been edited or spell checked, just left with the feelings they contained at the time they were thought up. I'm only half way through but I can already tell it's a book I'll pick up whenever I want something to smile about.


Next are my elf socks, and they honestly do make my heart sing! I love novelty socks, I have very few plain pairs because life is just too short for boring socks, but at Christmas time my love for them grows. We were in Asda to pick up some food bits and of course got distracted by all the festive fun, Paul spotted these socks and I had to take them home with me. They're so soft, especially the fluffy bit at the top and while most of they time they are covered with boots seeing as it's so cold, it's nice knowing theres a little bit of Christmas fun hiding under them.


My last little favourite was a gift from my Grandma. She knows how much I love Raffaello and very kindly picked me up a box while she was out. Somehow, they've lasted the past couple of weeks and have been my little treat with tea in the evening. If you haven't tried them before they are delicious and filled with a creamy filling then covered in coconut. If Ferrero Roches aren't your thing then you should give theses a try.

What random little things have been making you smile lately?

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