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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Twelve Days of Christmas - Christmas at Lush


Lush is at it's very best at Christmas time. You walk in to a store and are met with the most friendly staff, clouds of glitter and scents of cinnamon coming from the bath bomb demonstrations. I pick up little bits from Lush all through the year -The Comforter bubble bar is a favourite in our house, but at Christmas time I like to pick up extras of the ones you can only get at this time of year.

-My absolute favourite Christmas bath bomb, and possibly my favourite bath bomb of all time is Golden Wonder. It's shaped like a Christmas gift tied up with a bow, and then covered in fine gold glitter. The inside however is a bright teal blue that looks beautiful while it fizzes away in the water. And then, at the very end you get a little burst of tiny gold stars that disappear into the bubbles. It has a citrus scent, so I like it when I want something Christmasy but not so heavy on the cinnamon.

-The Magic of Christmas (I love that name), is a new favourite and not something I picked up before this year. In fact, I'm convinced they've slightly changed the scent because last year I didn't enjoy it as much. It looks so very festive and it has a cinnamon stick for a handle...I mean, could things get more Christmasy? It leaves you with mountains of cinnamon scented bubbles and on the first use, a little bit of gold shimmer too.

-Butter Bear is one that always looks so sweet sat in your bathroom, even though my ones are always missing there little brown noses. It's a much more subtle bath bomb, and is packed full of cocoa butter, leaving your skin lovely and soft. It's one I love to use after a day of being out in the cold, those days when you feel as if the only thing that could possibly warm you up is a nice hot bath.

-The Star Dust bath bomb reminds me of all things frosty and frozen. It's fine coating of silver glitter makes it shimmer just like frost on those ice cold mornings. As it fizzes away in the bath the water becomes a beautiful pale blue and you're met with a lovely sweet vanilla scent.

I think before it's all gone for another year I'll have to go back and pick up one or two more. Do you have a favourite from the Lush Christmas range?


Eleven Sleeps Til Christmas


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