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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Twelve Days of Christmas - Christmas Traditions


One night last week Paul and I found ourselves having a conversation all about Christmas traditions. Having never thought of ourselves as people with much in the way of traditions, we sat chatting away until we found that actually, we are! We soon realised that there are quite a few things that we now do, each and every Christmas that if we were to stop, well, we would miss them dearly. It's also made me realise that I'd like to make more! Now we have our own home there are a few things I'd like to add as we go on through the years, and possibly look back at this post and make some additions. For example: I'd really love for us to have outside lights, that we wrap around our apple trees. It's something I've been meaning to do since we moved in but there didn't seem much point until we had our extension finished. These are a few of the things we've done for that long now that they can definitely be called 'traditions'. 

- Bacon Rolls.   Every year, for as long as I can remember we've had a bacon roll for breakfast on Christmas morning. Funnily enough it was something both Paul and I did when we were younger with our families, and it was something we kept going when we started having our own Christmas mornings. We've come up with so many different ideas for Christmas breakfast over the years but in the end we always come back to bacon rolls.

- Milk and Cookies.   I may be in my 20's, and have fully accepted that there is no jolly man in a red suit making a visit to our house but I still love the little tradition of leaving out milk and cookies for him...and of course a carrot for Rudolf. It's such a lovely through back to being little and coming down to find Santa had been and enjoyed the treats you left out for him -even if I do know it's Paul enjoying the treats these days.

- Christmas Eve.   It has become a day of playing Santa for us. We get up, we get ready, and we head out to deliver gifts to our friends and family. Even though some years it can mean us being out much later than we've planned to be, I know we'd miss it if we stopped.

- Chinese Food.   For each year Paul and I have been together, we've had Chinese food on Christmas Eve. We pick it up on our way home, get in, change into pyjamas and watch as many Christmas films as we can fit in to the evening. Though one of them always has to be Muppet's Christmas Carol!  

- Christmas Cards.   Our tree usually goes up on the 1st of December, although this year it went up a week or so before. When the tree is up and decorated, we sit down by the twinkling fairy lights and write out all of our Christmas cards. This year because we've been busier than usual we haven't finished handing them out...but at least they're written.

- Christmas Decorations.   Each year as Christmas starts to pop up in stores and the new decorations are everywhere Paul always likes to by me one. Even though it's usually quite early in the year, he knows how excited I get and it's leaves me looking forward to all the festivity that will soon be happening. 

Everyone's Christmas is so different, we all have different ways we like to spend the day. What are some little things you would consider traditions?

Seven Sleeps Til Christmas!

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