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Friday, 16 December 2016

Twelve Days of Christmas - Festive Socks


I love Christmas socks!

I love all kinds of novelty socks but at Christmas they make me even happier. I haven't managed to find a Christmas jumper this year, most seem to be slogans or silly puns and to be honest, I prefer the more traditional styles. You know... the ridiculously garish completely unnecessary jumpers, or the more traditional Christmas designs with fair isle and reindeer, that really could be worn all Winter. Because I'm lacking in festive knitwear, I've made sure my feet are fully embracing the season and I thought I'd share the few I've pick up so far this year.


The adorable Rudolf slipper socks were found in Tesco late one night and they had to come home with me. They're so cosy and warm, and the little rubber spots on the bottom stop you slipping and sliding all over the place -although that is quite fun sometimes. My elf socks were another supermarket find, but in Asda this time. If I can't be an actual elf at Christmas time, then at least I can dress my feet up.

The other three pairs are all from Topshop, one of my favourite places to buy socks -they have so many adorable designs. I picked up a novelty penguin pair, a traditional festive design and a Star Wars set. Now, I know what you're thinking -Star Wars isn't Christmasy...and you're correct! But, the new film comes out this weekend and they are very sparkly which does make them a little festive.


Nine Sleeps Til Christmas

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