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Friday, 23 December 2016

Twelve Days of Christmas - Happy Festive Things


The house currently smells of sweet and savoury cookies, cranberry sauce and gingerbread spiced truffles. It will also soon smell of spiced nuts, once they're done that will be everything finished for our Christmas hampers. All ready to be delivered tomorrow. Plus, there will be plenty of extras for us to nibble on too! Can you believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve?? It's crazy to think, and to be honest I'm a little sad that the build up is almost over. Of course Christmas day is wonderful but the build up is just as fun and there's that excitement that comes from the anticipation while you wait for the 25th to get closer and closer. These are just a few of the fun festive things that have made me happy throughout the month of December.

1. Advent calendars and the slight chocolate addiction they have left me with. I'll definitely miss my mini chocolate each morning before breakfast.

2. Warm, sweet and spicy candles that are basically the smell of Christmas. We have some fresh scented ones ready for the new year but for the next few days I'll continue to make the most of them.

3. The glitter that covers every surface of the house. Paul's stopped asking me "why do you have glitter on your face?" and just accepted that it comes with the season.

4. Christmas songs being played everywhere you go -I'll miss them.

5. The slightly excessive collection of cheese that's in the fridge throughout December, and cheese and crackers for snacking on.

6. The Christmas coffees that are far too tasty for your own good.

7. Spending the evenings watching Christmas films and cuddling up in festive pyjamas.

8. Our Starbucks Christmas drink wear that comes out each year, we've got so many now that I think they'll soon need they're own cupboard.

9. The Christmas adverts on television, I've loved so many of them this year.

10. My festive pyjamas that after this week will go away for another year.

What's made you happy through December?

Two Sleeps Til Christmas!

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