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Sunday, 24 December 2017

Twelve Days of Christmas - Christmas Eve

It's here, it's here! It's finally here. Can you believe it's Christmas Eve?

Our Christmas Eve this year is a change in tradition for us, and I can't tell you how excited I am about it. What usually happens on the 24th, is that we wake up, get ready, put the hampers together  -all very rushed, in an attempt to get out as soon as possible. Sometime's the hampers could be done the night before, but it really depends on whats going in them. So then we would head out, start the visiting, always staying for longer than we say we will at each house, and then eventually get home really late and eat chinese food while watching Muppets Christmas Carol. Every year we say we'll be back early, and I think we've only manged it once...maybe twice, in the 10 years we've been doing it.

This year, we're bucking that tradition. We've taken Christmas Eve back for ourselves and I'm very pleased about it. The idea actually came form last year. I was sick throughout most of November and December, so come Christmas Eve Paul did the visiting and I stayed home. So to make myself useful I prepped for the next day...and I got so much done, just pottering around the house. Even though I was sick, I really enjoyed it. I had Christmas films on, Christmas music playing and felt so completely organised for the next day by the time Paul got home.

So that's the plan this year too, except we get to do it together. Because we've been quite busy, and to make life that little bit easier, we didn't do the hampers this year and instead bought small gifts for everyone. Meaning they could all be handed out in advance and we could have the 24th free. So Christmas movies are being watched, music is played, and we will still enjoy our Chinese takeaway while watching Muppets Christmas Carol, but at a much more reasonable hour.

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have a wonderful happy day tomorrow, and a lovely relaxing end to 2017.

Only One Sleep Til Christmas!!!

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Twelve Days of Christmas - You, Me, and Matching PJ's


While this was my first year actually owning a Christmas jumper, I have quite the growing collection of Christmas pyjamas. This year, Next were selling family sets of pjs, all matching and in every size you could need. Well, Paul and I just couldn't resist! We wanted the onesies originally but when we tried them on, we found that they weren't made of stretchy material, and you can't get comfy in a onesie if it doesn't stretch.

We ended up going with the moose print sets, which aren't over top Christmasy. You could say they are more winter pyjamas actually, but we will be wearing them on Christmas Eve for sure! They leave me with thoughts of log cabins and snow covered mountains, somewhere you could ski and then finish the night off with a hot chocolate or two. And more importantly, they are really comfortable. Just what you need for those days coming soon, when your only plans are staying on the sofa and eating leftovers. They aren't a necessary part of Christmas, but it's those fun little things that you can do, that make it all even more enjoyable.


Friday, 22 December 2017

Twelve Days of Christmas - Happy Festive Things

Well, it's the weekend before Christmas, and I still can't believe that it's almost here! We are heading out over this weekend to deliver gifts to friends and family, one of my absolute favourite things to do. They are wrapped up in our beautiful paper, and organised into piles ready to go. I love these last few days, and the last little bit of build up before the big day. I love how busy everywhere is, I know that's because we are now totally organised, and we don't have to go out and face the crowd if we don't want to. So I wish you luck if you still have shopping to do. Today we are tidying the house and organising the kitchen, I always like to do that just before Christmas. It makes all the chaos and mess easier to deal with afterwards.

1. Costa's mint hot chocolate...why has it taken me so long to try this drink! I'm really quite sad that they wont be around that much longer.

2. Our fridge is stuffed full of Christmas goodies, for the big day and the days surrounding it. At this point I'm pretty sure we could feed an army.

3. Spending an evening watching Christmas movies with friends, complete with party food. So much fun, as it always is.

4. Paul being off now for Christmas, I love this time.

5. Our new fairy lights from M&S, we picked them up for half price at the start of the week and I love them. We got a colourful set that are hung around Paul's office, and a set with silver bells that are up in the living room.

6. Sookie's had her hair cut just in time for Christmas, and looks adorable in her festive knit.

7. The temperature has risen a bit these last few days, we've gone from -3 to around 8 or 9 degrees. So things are feeling much warmer, which isn't very festive and I can't say that I'm a fan. But, it does make getting out of bed in the mornings a lot easier!

8. Wearing our matching pyjamas and watching The Gilmore Girls, what could be better?

Three Sleeps Till Christmas!

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Twelve Days of Christmas - Christmas Magic


There's a memory I have, of when my brother and I were really young on Christmas morning. We woke up, excited to see if Santa had been, we opened presents, had breakfast and then, my mum gasped! "Look whats outside!" she said, and as my brother and I ran to the window to see why she was so shocked, all we could see was a playhouse sitting in the garden. We of course screamed with joy and ran outside in the cold to see it, before my mum insisted we put clothes on instead of pyjamas. I told everyone the story, anyone who would listen to me. We were asleep, my mum was asleep, so of course, it could only have been Santa! I mean, who else could have done it? Who else could have known about the playhouse, because the only place we mentioned it was in our letters that were posted to the North Pole.

Obviously I figured out as I grew up that Santa wasn't real, and that my mum was the one who spent Christmas Eve, in the dark, outside, building a playhouse for us. But that magic has stayed with me throughout my life. Everyone has always told me that as I got older, it would fade, and that you realise it's all about the kids. But that's just not true. I love the magic of the season, it spread through everyone and it makes simple things seem wonderful. 

People seem friendlier. They smile more, they seem almost lifted by the season, and people never fail to smile if you wish them Merry Christmas. There are lights almost everywhere! From the street lights to the Christmas trees you can see in living rooms as you pass by, and lets not forget the fairy lights covering windows and shopfronts. I sometimes wish they could stay all year round, and brighten up the darken months, especially at the beginning of the year. But then if they were they wouldn't be as special, they would feel ordinary and lose their magic. 

So even though we're all to old to believe in Santa, and we know who actually eats the mince pies on Christmas Eve, I hope the feeling of it all never leaves me. I hope that I'm never too old for Christmas, and I will always believe in the magic of it all.

Four Sleeps Til Christmas!

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Twelve Days of Christmas - Christmas Bauble Cookies


I spend most of December each year, absolutely covered in glitter. Sometimes it's on purpose and from a Lush bath, others times it's from the sparkly wrapping paper, decorations or Christmas ornaments. At the moment, it's because of these sparkly little cookies. If there is a time of year to go wild with the glitter and sparkle, it's Christmas. And when you mix that with cookies, well, it just doesn't get better.

I love making sugar cookies, especially at this time of year. They are the perfect treat for the house, and for giving out as small gifts to friends and family. Here is the recipe I use, it's straight forward and very tasty. I wanted to make some more this year, but nothing too fiddly, with very detailed decoration. Once you have baked and cooled your cookies, ice the main part of the bauble with the colour of your choice. Let it sit for a couple of minutes and then completely cover with edible glitter. Pick up the cookie and shake off the excess, then simply leave to dry. If you do all of this on greaseproof paper the clean up is easy, and you can keep reusing the glitter, so no waste. 

They look so pretty sitting out on the coffee table, and the catch the light beautifully. They would even make lovely tree decorations if you made them in advance. I might give that a try next year. 


Five Sleeps Til Christmas!


Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Twelve Days of Christmas - My Christmas Jumper


2017 is the year I finally bought myself a Christmas jumper! Every year I go out and try them on, order some to try at home, but ultimately end up returning them all. This one from Next however, made the cut and I've been wearing it all month long. Well two actually, I started in November.

Next had some great jumpers this year, and when I spotted this one I ordered it straight away. My first thought when seeing it was that it reminded me of the Bella Freud jumpers that I absolutely love, but that are sadly a little out of my price range. They aren't exact copies by any means, there is just something similar about the fonts. The other thing I liked, was that it's quite subtle as far as Christmas jumpers go. I do love the all singing, all dancing crazy colourful ones, but I love the fact that I can wear this on those occasions that call for something a little less in your face. Also, meaning I will probably get more wear out of it too.

It's sold out now online, but you could possibly still find a few hiding in stores.

Six Sleeps Til Christmas!

Monday, 18 December 2017

Twelve Days of Christmas - Rudolf Cupcakes

Rudolph -cupcakes

'Rudolph the red nose reindeer...'

I make a lot of cupcakes throughout the year, but these little cuties are one of my favourites! They are so sweet, so festive and most important of all, they are very tasty!

These little guys are chocolate cupcakes, with chocolate butter cream. But you could add any flavours you like to make them not just look Christmasy, but taste it too. Peppermint would be a good one! Or maybe orange? They are easily adjusted to your taste, but I just wanted to keep things simple this time. I love to make cupcakes at this time of year, big cakes are great, and can be very impressive, but not so easily shared all the time.


Ingredients: ~ makes 12
115g of butter room temperature
2 eggs
200g caster sugar
100ml of milk
95g self raising flour
50g cocoa powder
30g plain flour.

200g butter room temperature
200 icing sugar
200g dark chocolate melted

100g dark chocolate
white fondant
red fondant
black fondant
red glitter

- Preheat your oven to 170°C, and line a 12 hole cupcake tin with cases.

- Into a large bowl, add the butter, and caster sugar and mix until smooth, then add in the eggs and mix until combined.

-Add the milk, alternating with the flour and cocoa powder, and mix until everything has come together.

-Put in the oven, and bake for 22 - 25 minutes.

- For the icing, mix the butter and icing sugar together until smooth. And then once your melted dark chocolate has cooled, add that in and mix well.

- For the decorations, cover a flat board with a sheet of greaseproof paper, and melt the dark chocolate. 15 second bursts in the microwave is the easiest way I find, and put this in a small piping bag.

- Start drawing out sets of antlers onto the greaseproof paper, there is no right or wrong way, just have fun and make them any shape or size you like. When you are finished, carefully put the board in the fridge for the antlers to set. 20 minutes is more than enough time as they are only small.

- Roll out 12 little balls and put them in a bowl -a few at a time, with a little of the glitter. Roll them around in the bowl until they are completely covered, the glitter should stick to the fondant.

- Using a piping nozzle, or anything else you have handy, cut out 24 larger white circles, and 24 smaller black circles. Using a toothpick or small brush and a little water, stick the black circles to the white circles.

- To decorate, pipe or spoon icing onto the cupcakes, so you have a kind of ball -no fancy piping needed. Carefully add the antlers but sticking them into the icing. And for the other decorations, a little water is all you need to stick them on.


Seven Sleeps Til Christmas! 

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Twelve Days of Christmas - Christmas Gift Wrap


I LOVE our gift wrap this year! I always do, but I am especially fond of it this time round.

Planning what the presents are going to be wrapped in is one of my favourite part of this time of year. I really get into it! I enjoy all the little details, and I do enjoy having a theme so they all look beautiful sitting under the tree together. When I started thinking about this year, what seemed like months ago now, I had a completely different idea in mind to what we ended up with. I originally wanted navy velvet ribbon, to go with our favourite brown paper and string, but it became quite difficult to find. And the only ribbon I could get hold of was quite expensive.


I started looking at other options, and I just couldn't find anything I liked as much as the navy. Then one day, while Paul and I were picking up milk in Sainsburys, I spotted it! The most beautiful gift wrap, and I fell in love! We went back the next week and picked up rolls of paper, a couple of gift bags, and boxes of ribbon. They also had boxes of what could just as easily be tree decorations, and in fact, I think I will keep a few to put on our trees next year. I also liked the idea that other people may even do the same. They are beautiful little additions to the brown paper luggage tags we like to use. I love the combination of the gold and green gift wrap with our usual brown paper, there is something very traditional and yet modern about it. And I love how the packs of ribbon we picked up come with a roll of black, not your usual Christmas colour but so pretty.

If you're still on the hunt for gift wrap, Sainsburys have some beautiful things, and it's all 3 for 2! We have nearly finished with our wrapping, still a few little presents left to do but they wont take to long.

Have you finished wrapping all of your presents?


Eight Sleeps Til Christmas! 

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Twelve Days of Christmas - White Chocolate Snowball Cheesecake


Cheesecake is always a great dessert option. It's simple, nearly everyone likes it, and the options for flavours seem endless. As it's Christmas, and as I'm constantly hoping for snow, I thought I'd make a little of my own. The snowballs for this cheesecake come in the form of Raffaellos, with their coconut covered shell they look the part. And they are bloody tasty. Even though it's full of white chocolate, this cheesecake isn't too sweet, and would be the perfect treat for any occasion this festive season.

450g digestives
190g melted butter

800g Philadelphia
200g mascarpone
150ml double cream -softly whipped
125g icing sugar
250g white chocolate -melted
50g finely chopped white chocolate
12 Raffaello


- Crush your digestives, making sure you have no big lumps and add the melted butter. Mix well until biscuit crumbs and butter are fully combined.

- Add the buttery mix to the cake tin and press down with the back of a spoon, making sure it's flat and compact. Put in the fridge to chill.

-To a large bowl, add the philadelphia, mascarpone, icing sugar and softly whipped cream. Whisk these together until everything is smooth.

- Add the melted but cooled chocolate, and the chopped chocolate. Mix everything together until you have a smooth creamy mixture. Add this to the biscuit base and level the top with the back of a spoon.

- Leave to chill in the fridge for at least 4 hours, but ideally overnight. When you are ready to serve, top with the Raffaella -your little snowballs! 


Nine Sleeps Til Christmas! 

Friday, 15 December 2017

Twelve Days of Christmas - Happy Festive Things


It really was beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the beginning of this week. The temperatures here in the UK dropped so low, that everywhere was covered with a blanket of frost for days. And a lot of the country even had snow! We didn't here, but I was happy to have the frost, at least everything looked white. Everywhere you go now there are Christmas songs being played, there are fairy lights covering almost every window, and it all makes me so very happy. It really is the most wonderful time of year, and what I love most, is that everyone seems to be in a good mood. It's the magic of fairly lights, they can't fail to put a smile on your face.

1. Cinnamon scented candles, there really is no better scent for this time of year. Unless it's Yankee Candle's 'Red Apple Wreath'.

2. Our new stockings from Anthropologie, that's one in the picture above. They are honestly the softest things you will ever feel, and the colours go so well with our extension. I can't wait to fill Paul's with the presents I've got him.

3. Hot chocolates with toasted marshmallows. If you haven't ever tried toasting them, you have to give it a go this Christmas.

4. Hot baths with lots of Lush bubbles and festive bath bombs.

5. The dark evenings. I know they aren't everyone's cup of tea, but I'm fully embracing and enjoying them. Especially since they mean fairy lights and fluffy blankets, just like the one I'm currently under.

6. Hot food for breakfast. Porridge, eggs and toast, grilled tomatoes, it's all so lovely on a cold morning.

7. Carol singers in the supermarkets and shopping centres.

8. Writing out the shopping list for all the Christmas dinner food! We have a few more people than usual this year, so hopefully everything goes to plan.

Ten Sleeps Til Christmas! 

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Twelve Days of Christmas - Easy Brie and Onion Chutney Parcels


The supermarkets have been full of Christmas party food for a while now, and they have some amazing things! We usually pick up a few packs of them to have in the freezer for when we have those last minute guests. Or for those nights we don't want a proper meal and little picky things are much more appealing.

There are still certain things I like to make myself though, like sausage rolls. These apple and cranberry ones from last years Twelve Days, are my absolute favourite, and homemade sausage rolls always taste better than any you can buy. These little brie and chutney parcels are another, they are so tasty, and the combination of fillings with the buttery filo is so good. They may take a little bit of time because they are small, and can be fiddly at the beginning, but I get around 50 from a 220g pack of filo, so much cheaper than buying ready made. Perfect for any Christmas parties you're planning, or just to have in the freezer for when you feel like a little treat. The can also be cooked from frozen, just add another 2 - 3 minutes to the cooking time. Oh, and if freezing, it's best to do it before you've cooked them.


Box of ready made filo pastry
Jar of your favourite onion chutney
Wedge of brie - around 200g cut into 1cm cubes
75g -100g of melted butter (or oil if you prefer)


- Run a clean tea towel under cold water and ring it out so that it's still slightly damp. Lay your filo out flat, and keep the tea towel on top of it while your making parcels. This stops the filo drying out.

- Preheat your oven to 190°C

- Take 3 sheets of the filo at a time and cut into 9cm squares. Take one of the little squares, lay it flat on a chopping board and brush with the melted butter. Repeat this with two more squares, laying they at a different angle each time.

- To the middle of the sheets, add half a teaspoon of chutney and 3 cubes of brie. Start to lift up the pastry, bringing the edges together, pinching in the middle so it seals. Continue until all your little parcels are finished.

- If you'd prefer cups to parcels, brush 3 squares of filo with butter like before, but this time, place them into a mini cupcake tin and add the filling.

- Place your mini parcels or cups, onto a baking tray, and pop in the oven for 10 minutes.


Oh, and it's best to leave them to cool slightly, so that molten cheese doesn't burn your mouth!

Eleven Sleeps Til Christmas!

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Twelve Days of Christmas - A Lush Christmas Bath


Twelve Days of Christmas is here! You know what that means...there are only 12 sleeps to go until the big day. I'm struggling to understand how we've got here so quickly, I sweat it was October two minutes ago. But here we are, and I wanted to kick things off with a few festive bits from Lush.

Lush is at it's absolute best at Christmas. Everything smells amazing, with cinnamon, spices and cloves, and there is glitter absolutely everywhere. Everything looks so beautiful too, from the little characters, to the sparkly festive bubble wands. This year, I wanted to try a couple I've never had before, I don't think they are new to Lush, but they are definitely new to me. Plus, I had to pick up a couple of old favourites that without, Christmas baths just wouldn't be the same.


The Snowman Bubbleroon is going to become a favourite going forward, I think. First of all, he's absolutely adorable, it almost seems a shame to run him under the water (almost). Also, his scent is much fresher than the other Christmas products. While I love all the heavier spicy scents of this time of year, the fresh lemon smell of this little bubbleroon is a nice alternative. Or even good for a bath on a cold morning to wake you up. He's also packed full of nourishing ingredients that leave your skin feeling lovely and soft.


Just like the little snowman, the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb is another with a fresher scent, but with orange oil, instead of lemon. It's the colour of this one that always gets my attention, and this year I finally picked one up to try. It leaves your bath the most amazing shade of blue, with a very subtle shimmer from the gold stars. One I'll definitely be picking up again.


This one is my Christmas favourite, I look forward to it coming back each year. The scent in fresh but warming, and the gold glitter covered outside, melts away to leave your bath a deep turquoise blue. When you step out you are covered in subtle shimmer -so is your bath, but it's Christmas so everything is covered in glitter. I've mentioned it before, but it will always be a must have from Lush for me at Christmas time.


Butterbear is another I absolutely love! It's the most wonderful thing, to come home after being out in the cold, and warm up with a Butterbear bath. The sweet almost vanilla or chocolate like scent is so relaxing, so it's a great one to use before you go to bed. The cocoa butter leaves yours skin soft and moisturised, which is always good in winter when the cold weather and central heating can leave it feeling very dry. If you aren't one for all the glitter and stronger smelling bath bombs, try this one. It's the bath equivalent of a hug!

I think we'll make one more stop at Lush before Christmas, just to make sure we're stocked up for those few days between Christmas and New Year.

Twelve Sleeps Til Christmas!! 


Tuesday, 12 December 2017

A Little Update on Life and Goals

Over the last few weeks, my online and real life worlds couldn't have been more different. I mentioned it briefly in my last post, but while my online life has had to be a little quieter than I'd have liked, my real life life, has been crazy!

I wrote a few goals I had for November at the beginning of last month, and I thought it would be good to update you on them, and to write it all down for my own records too. No point setting goals if you never actually make a point of checking on your progress.

First of all, the good, the things I wanted to achieve and did. The Christmas present situation that was at the beginning of last month, really quite horrendous, I'm glad to tell you has seen huge improvement. We are nearly done!! Apart from one or two things that are still to arrive for Paul's Mum and Dad, and something to buy for his Gran, we are pretty much finished buying for friends and family. I have also bought all of Paul's, some of which are even wrapped and under the tree, and even the doggies of the family have their gifts. I can't tell you how much better I'm feeling about it all. Oh, and while I'm sure I've already mentioned it in a post, I now own my very own Christmas jumper. An unnecessary but fun tick off my list.

And to add to the unnecessary, we also picked up matching Christmas pyjamas!

As for the house, I finished all the sanding and painting that needed done in the extension in time for the Christmas decorations going up. I was so pleased when it was done, it made me feel so much better about Paul's birthday, and having everyone up. Not that anyone would have been the least bit bothered if it wasn't finished, but it was something off my to-do list. Oh, and we now also have living room curtains. They finish the room off perfectly, and now I wonder how we went so long without them.

Everything I had to do for Paul's birthday was done on time. The cake was my main task, I had help with some of the other things, but the cake took me a good two days to make, but Paul was over the moon with it, so all the time definitely wasn't wasted. The party on the Sunday was a lot of fun, everyone had a great time, we all ate far too much, and we had left overs for a couple of days after. The house, that was already decorated with Christmas decorations, was also then covered in birthday ones too, and then his birthday treats continued through the week. I had hidden presents around the house for him to find on the morning of his birthday, which he did with the help of clues I'd written. We then had an afternoon out with a bit of shopping, and picked up dinner at the Christmas market in Edinburgh. Unfortunately, Tuesday was a day of appointments and errands, but Wednesday was fun from start to finish. Our wonderful generous friends took us out for the day, to treat Paul for his birthday. They took us for pizza, to pretend to be pirates in an escape room, and then the evening was spent playing the VR and eating finger food. It was a perfect day from start to finish, and the rest of the week was lovely too.

So, now the goals I haven't reached. I didn't manage to get as many of my Christmas posts done as I'd planned to, in fact, not a lot at all. I also didn't manage to get back into a routine of posting on Instagram, which I was really looking forward to doing. And, because of the long busy days we've had, the exercising I had started to do, kind of fell by the wayside.

However, there was a point in the last two weeks that I decided not to beat myself up about it. Yes, I wanted to get done a lot more than I manged to, but sometimes you have to accept the limits of what's possible and what's not. And not only that, Paul had taken two weeks off from work, it was his birthday, we had so many plans and it would have been a shame not to make the most of it. So I didn't get everything done, but you know's ok. I can catch up now that things are back to normal, and I can spend this week concentrating on some of the goals I didn't quite reach in December.

Friday, 8 December 2017

Made Me Happy This Week


This has been a busy week! I'm sorry things have been so quiet, but even with all my planning I just ran out of time. I had wanted to have posts ready to go up while I was busy, but then everything for Paul's birthday took so much longer than I'd expected. Mostly, the cake!! It took me forever to make him. The sponges took hours and hours to bake, and then assembling and decorating him took me an entire day. Literally from 9.30am, to 10.45pm. I sat in my pyjamas, covered in icing sugar, being given cups of tea by either Paul or my friend. I am however, so proud of him! It sounds silly, but when he was finished and just sitting on the table, I kept looking at him and thinking 'I can't have made that'. And then, he was cut into slices and now all that remains is his head. But it was fun, the whole week has been. Paul has been spoiled by our friends and family, and we've been busy for most of the week -hence the lack of posting. Things are starting to wind down now, and by this weekend will be back to normal, or as normal as things can be at this time of year.

1. One of Paul's gifts was a day out with our friends for pizza, and a pirate themed escape room. I was a little anxious about going, the thought of them had never appealed to me, but it was actually so much fun! We escaped with time to spare, and had such an amazing time doing it.

2. Doughnut coffee's as tasty as it sounds. It was one of the presents I bought Paul for his birthday and we've been having it in coffee all week.

3. Wrapping some presents and getting them put under the tree. I find that if you sit and do it all at the one time, it can turn into a bit of a task. So spreading it over a few days works better.

4. Party food. We had far too much food for Sunday, way more than we needed. But I quite like having it in the fridge for snacking on over the next few days.

5. Having a whole day and night of cosying up on the sofa and catching up on tv with Paul, it was lovely after a week of constantly running around.

6. Realising that we can now book our wedding trip! It's coming round too fast!

7. Being woken up by the postman at 7am!! Sound's annoying, but he handed us our new Anthropologie stockings so I forgave him.

8. Smash Burger has opened near us. I should probably try it before being excited, but I've heard a lot of good things so I have high hopes.


Friday, 1 December 2017

Made Me Happy This Week


Happy 1st of December! Even if the last few weeks have been too early for you, you can't deny that it's now here, that the festive times have begun. Did you open an advent calendar this morning? I did, I love starting the day with those little chocolates...even if by the end of the month it's left me with a terrible habit. We kicked this week off in a very festive way, we took my mum over to Edinburgh to visit the Christmas markets...can you believe she's never been! She had such a good time, we ate all the food, visited the ice sculpture exhibit, and made our way through the Christmas tree maze, where we got our chocolate pennies. The maze is supposed to be for kids, but every year I swear there are more adults there, than there are children. If you're ever in Edinburgh at Christmas you should give it a go, it's so much fun.

1. Getting all of our Christmas cards written early. They are now all done and ready to be handed out, as and when, and it's one more thing off the list of "have to do's".

2. Impromptu lunch of cheese and crackers with C and her little girl, who was very taken by one of the cheeses on offer.

3. M&S chocolate truffles. Paul and I have slowly made our way through a box that we opened last weekend.

4. Nearly being finished with buying Christmas presents, we are so close now. But, I'm not going to start wrapping until we have them all.

5. Wrapping up Paul's birthday presents while he was sleeping, I also love the paper I found to wrap them in. It's slightly holographic Star Wars print, and was a bargain in Primark.

6. My little fluffy unicorn keyring from the ice exhibit. My mum bought us one each, as a little memento from the night.

7. At the beginning of this year I came up with the idea of having our second Christmas tree covered in Polaroids of everyone we love. At the time I thought we were buying one of those twiggy trees, while we've actually ended up with a tradition but slim tree, I still love the little pictures all over it.

8. Watching all the Christmas films, we've had them on pretty much all week. Some we've sat and watched together, some we've had on in the background while we've been busy. We have to make the most of them while it's the month to watch them.

Friday, 24 November 2017

Made Me Happy This Week


It's snowing!! As I type, snowflakes are blowing past my living room window and even though I'm freezing, I couldn't be happier to see it! I've had some of my favourite films on today, Elf, Love Actually, and right now, You've Got Mail. I've discovered something new that I really enjoy doing. When I'm working, or just doing bits around the house, I like to have films playing in the back ground. Nothing new, films I've seen over and over again, so that I don't actually have to pay attention to or feel as if I'm missing anything. There's something really quite comforting about it. Also, a big fat sorry to all of you who still aren't ready, but...the tree is going up tonight!! I can't wait for the house to start feeling super festive.

1. Cinnamon candles that are now burning all over the house, the smell is amazing. And so warming when it's freezing cold outside.

2. Starting to pick up supplies for Paul's birthday party next Sunday. Plates, napkins, crackers and a few different cheeses are already stocked in the kitchen.

3. A two hour long phone call catch up with C.

4. Silverbirch Garden Center, basically my new favourite place to visit. I don't think we'll be back this year, but I'm already looking forward to next.

5. Piles of notes that make me feel that life is in order once again.

6. Cuddling up with Sookie in our giant fluffy throw, that she now firmly believes is hers.

7. The ending of You've Got Mail.

8. Having to come up with inventive idea's for hiding present's. It's not that Paul would go hunting for them, it's just that I don't want him to stumble across them and ruin the surprise.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Christmas at Silverbirch


Have you ever turned up somewhere and immediately wished you hadn't decided to leave you camera at home? That was my first thought on Monday afternoon, when Paul and I visited a garden center we'd been excited to see.


We'd heard a lot about it online, and the one fact that sold me, was that it has one of the biggest selections of Christmas decorations in Scotland! I mean, how could we not? Silverbirch garden center is on the other side of Glasgow to us, quite a drive, but with a free day it wasn't as if we were worried about time. As we got closer, I did start to wonder if it was worth the hour in the car, or if it was going to be like most other garden centers we visit at this time of year. Well! I can't put into words how amazing this place is! I was speechless, actually lost for words at how beautiful the rooms looked, it was a real life Christmas wonderland. Everything was displayed in a way that made it feel more like the most beautiful Santa's grotto, that you'd ever seen, than a garden center. And at times I forgot we were in a store. There was every kind of decoration you could think of, from detailed glass baubles, to fluffy little woodland creatures. We picked up a fluffy white owl, that Paul has affectionately named Dave. He was sitting all by himself, next to a pile of frosted gold apples, with such a sad face that we couldn't leave him. Oh, and he has glittery gold antlers too! He will definitely be taking pride of place on the Christmas tree this year.

This post wasn't planned for today, but I just had to share some of the photos I snapped with Paul's phone (for all the days to not take a camera with me!) If you aren't yet feeling the Christmas spirit, you hopefully will be after looking at theses. Or if you are just looking for some gorgeous Christmas decoration inspo then I hope you enjoy. I think that Silverbirch is definitely going to be added to our Christmas traditions from now on.


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