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Friday, 3 February 2017

Made Me Happy This Week


It feels so good to be back at this laptop typing away to you! I've done not much else other than bake for the best part of 3 days now and I'm just glad to be doing something else. I plan to spend tonight relaxing with Paul, maybe catching up on some blog reading and having a somewhat early night. Tomorrow is our 11 year anniversary!! I don't even know what to say about that. Not only does that seem like such an unbelievable amount of time, but I feel as if I have only just written about our 10 year anniversary. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, I'm sure it will be lovely, and Paul's planned a tasty breakfast to start the day off.

1. Stopping for a large hazelnut latte after a day spent with my favourite person walking around my favourite city (well, one of them -don't make me choose!).

2. Finding the best halloumi burger I've had to date.

3. Picking up a new note book in TKmaxx, it was about time really. My others are well loved and looking a little sorry for themselves.

4. Watching the sunrise nearly everyday this week. The colours have been beautiful.

5. My mums been in Rome for the last couple of days and she has been giving me a tour over Skype of the places she's visited. I even got to make a wish in The Trevi Fountain all the way from the UK.

6. Mini Lindt Easter eggs -and bunny paws too.

7. New glasses from Anthropologie, I've wanted them for a while now and finally picked two up. One for me, and one for Paul.

8. Dinner out for our friends birthday, we ate far too much and then headed back to his for cake and tea.

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  1. Love a good halloumi burger - the best! Congrats on 11 years, thats so exciting!

    Jasmin Charlotte


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