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Friday, 17 February 2017

Made Me Happy This Week


This week has felt so quiet and calm in comparison to others lately. We haven't done too much, but it's been lovely regardless. I do have that horrible feeling however, that I've forgotten something really important...but honestly couldn't tell you what it is! Do you ever have that? I'm sure it's probably nothing, as I make so many lists that if there was something that needed done, I would have written it down. And if in fact there is something important, then I'm sure I'll find out soon enough. I'm also starting the weekend with yet more baking. And again, none of it's for us, but one is a birthday cake so I'm sure we'll get some of that.

1. A random evening drive into Edinburgh with Paul, just to pick something up. But as we got parked right away, we ended up staying for coffee and enjoying how quiet the city was.

2. Valentines night with sugar cookies and films.

3. Sookies little face when I go to collect her for the groomers. I feel so bad leaving her but it has to be done.

4. Anthropologie. I could spend hours in the stores or browsing the beautiful collection of things online. Although probably a bad habit.

5. The ridiculously cute 3d dinosaur cookies we made at the start of the week (pictured above).

6. Paul's Star Wars slippers, that have somehow become mine. They are far too big and I shouldn't really wear them while going up and down the stairs but they keep my feet nice and cosy. *side note, I should really get my own pair soon.

7. How the Easter treats are slowly starting to take over the stores now Valentines is over.

8. The little chocolates at the tills in Costa...I love them! They are basically Nutella, just a little harder and in gold wrappers. They've become a must when we get coffee.

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