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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Drip Cakes

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I think we all know I like to bake...a lot! And over the past year I've become a little obsessed with the trend for drip cakes. For nearly every birthday over the past 12 months I've made a variation of drip cake, and my love for them is still growing, in fact I'll be making yet another one next weekend for my brothers birthday. It's going to be covered in Kinder chocolates, because they are his absolute favourite.

The thing I love most about them, is how impressive they look! And I think, so much more striking than cakes made to look like tv characters, or your first car. They can be any colour, as tall as you like, and there is really no end to the things you can top them with. Or you can be a little more understated, with a simple colour scheme of maybe one or two and finished off with a couple of biscuits and a few butter cream swirls.

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I have a pinterest board full of my favourite designs from some amazing creative people, all ready to give me inspiration when I need it. I hope this trend is here to stay for a while because I'm certainly not ready to move on from it yet, so I'll leave you with some that I love to droll over on this wet Tuesday afternoon. Also, I apologise if you're trying to be good and this leaves you wanting cake. #sorrynotsorry



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