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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Feeling a Little Lost

{some of my favourite flowers from last year}

Do you ever feel as if you've nothing to say? 

I can't go as far as to say that I feel low, or down, or rubbish about myself. But over the past two months I've found myself slipping into some sort of rut that even though it might not effect me emotionally on a daily's a rut that I really have to get out of!! I've done a lot, but none of it in the way of creativity. I've been to the same places, done the same things, ran errands, done things for other people. And all of that I've of course been more than happy to do, even enjoyed doing, but I've allowed myself to put whats important to me to one side -and I've done that without even realising.

When I say I have nothing to say, I mean mostly here, on this space that is so dear to me, that it gets me down to just leave it hanging around somewhat unused. There have been times I've sat down to write over the last couple of weeks and no words come, or I try to force something so I have content to post. When the truth is, I've allowed myself to get so distracted by all of life's little things, that I don't have anything that excites me or that I've created to show you. Or share with you.

And yes, sometimes life can't be ignored, and there are big or important things you have to focus on or plan for. But you have to also allow time for the other things too.

I think with anything creative, be it blogging, painting, poetry, sculpture. It's important to allow time to be inspired by others, to help you to feel inspired about your own work. Seeing the same (figurative) four walls all the time can be a little distracting.

Well no more!! Now that I've put this out into the world, I can use it as a reminder, and to make some changes.

I'm not too sure what the point of this post was, but then not everything has to have a can just be, and that's fine. I just felt I had to address it as there hasn't been much posted here on this little space, and that does bother me.

Here's to getting my bum back in gear, not just with this little Internet space, but with other things too! Such as exercise...but that's for another time.

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