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Monday, 20 March 2017

Spring, it's Finally Here!


Spring is finally here, can you believe it! Well, it kind of is. While I want to put away the heavy coats and start spending a lot more time outside, we have to be was snowing this morning.

While Spring does make you think of the better weather, it excites me in different ways too -and that is not something I used to think! I used to be the one person (apart from C), that would hold on to winter for as long as possible. I'd hold on to my big coats and many layers, and start to miss the dark evening as the days became longer. I've mentioned this before, but over the past few years my thinking has changed. I now get excited by the thought of spring and it still being light into the evening makes me so happy. I feel so energised and positive, it leaves me feeling so much more creative -'I have a spring in my step', if you will. It's such a wonderful time of year. It makes you want to plan, want to organise, and even if you don't manage to do all that you want, the feeling it's self is lovely.

It's become a season I love, so here are some wonderful things I'm looking forward to this spring...

- Getting the garden into tip top shape. When I say this, I do mean that Paul will be getting the garden in shape, although I do help with the smaller things. It's so exciting to be able to tidy up after the months of rain and frost, to see the bulbs flowering and to think about adding in some more flowers to brighten everything up.

- To get out walking again. I feel as if we really do go into hibernation some winters. Nearly all activities are in door, so it's nice to feel the outside air once again.

- Organisation! Of course it's good to be organised all year round, and I do try to be, even if I don't always manage. But there is something about Spring time that makes you want to get organised in all parts of your life...especially at home. I guess that's why it's called spring cleaning. 

- I cannot wait to see colour again. I miss seeing plants and flowers everywhere you go.

- The chance to explore. Spring is such a lovely time for exploring new places. The weather is cooler than summer but still pleasant, and while yes, there is the odd rain shower you have to watch out for...the right jacket sorts that out.

- To plan and get excited for the year. I'm not sure if it's just us, but we don't seem to make many plans before spring time. Yes, we talk about things, but it's not until spring that we actually get excited enough to put those plans into action. 

Are you excited that spring is finally here? 

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