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Friday, 7 April 2017

Made Me Happy This Week


This week my brothers girlfriend moved up from Essex to live with him. We've been getting to know her over the last few days and she's so lovely, and what I can only describe as perfect for him. It was also his birthday on Tuesday so we had them up for cake and later we headed out to TGI Fridays for some tasty food -and of course left stuffed by the huge portions! Not before they made him stand up so all the staff could sing 'Happy Birthday' was quite funny. Today I've been finishing off the painting at my mums, it's looking -if I do say so myself. Now she just has to wait for her furniture to be delivered and then she can start enjoying it. Hope you all have a fab weekend! 

1. Cups of tea when Paul makes them for me. They're always perfect.

2. Fishnet socks! I freaking love them. I've actually owned them for years and years now, and a few weeks ago I started wearing them again and just haven't stopped. They just look so good with jeans.

3. Birthday cake.

4. Crisp sandwiches. I know, to some people they are the worst thing ever. But I bloody love them!

5. Late night supermarket shopping, it's honestly the best time to go.

6. The leaves and buds covering our apple trees, it's so lovely to see them growing again after being bare for so long.

7. This video from Zoella, that had me so excited watching it that I had to call my little brother to remind him of everything!! If you were a 90's kid go watch it if you haven't already -it's so funny! It's also made me wish we still had all our old toys.

8. An evening of catching up on TV shows with Paul.


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