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Friday, 14 April 2017

Made Me Happy This Week


It's Friday, and whats even better is that it's also the Easter weekend!! How are you spending yours? We have a rather lovely weekend planned, the sun is apparently going to be shining over the next few days so we are going to try and go out to do some exploring. On Sunday Paul is making a roast dinner for us both, and I think we'll be finishing the night with movies and all the chocolate eggs we can eat! Although, we currently don't have any. We had one each, but somehow they got eaten last week...oops. So I think we'll be picking up another one each tomorrow.

1. Iced coffee while walking around on a very hot day! It honestly felt like mid summer...I kind of loved it!

2. My little Easter chicks that are hidden around the house, hopefully when it comes time to put them away I remember where they all are.

3. A fresh bunch of white tulips and some painted egg decorations to add in beside them.

4. A very kind couple I met -and ended up having tea with, while trying to find the home of a little lost dog. They gave the little guy some chicken, and made me tea because I was bloody freezing!

5. The accessories Sookie comes home from the groomers with, they are so cute! Today she had a baby pink floral bandana.

6. Also the way she smells when she comes home, I'm not sure what they use but it smells amazing!!

7. How warm and cosy I am right now while writing this post. The heating is on and I'm wrapped up in our enormous fluffy throw.

8. How excited Paul is about something he's ordered for my birthday...which isn't until June! I'm not sure I can wait that long.

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  1. Happy Easter! I'm looking forward to eating all the chocolate and spending time with family this weekend.


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