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Friday, 28 April 2017

Made Me Happy This Week


I have a question for you...where has spring gone? It's so cold out there, and the temperature still seems to be dropping. It was even snowing a few days ago. But I can't complain, we have another three day weekend starting tomorrow and it should be a good one, we have a couple of birthdays, possibly a family dinner and hopefully we'll get to go and see the new Guardians of the Galaxy film!! It's definitely going to be a busy few days, but I can't wait to have a lazy morning tomorrow with Paul. What are your plans for the next few days?

1. A late night drive with Paul when we couldn't sleep.

2. Spending time making plans for a trip we're going on, that I'll tell you all about soon!

3. Building Ikea furniture. When you do it with the right people it can be so much fun, and always end in laughter. Only made better with lots of tea and biscuits.

4. The way Sookie falls asleep in my jumpers and hoodies while I'm wearing them. She's like a little hot water bottle, with her teenie tiny nose sticking out the top. So cute!

5. Suggesting to my friend -who was complaining about his skin, that me might want to try some new skin care. Only to receive a text a couple of days later, showing me that he'd bought nearly everything Liz Earle sells! It did make me laugh.

6. The beautiful blossoms that are currently in bloom in our garden.

7. you watch it? It's so good. I think we have another episode to catch up with tonight.

8. Those two in the picture above, nothing in this world makes me happier.

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  1. I know, where has spring gone?! I did watch the first season of Billions and really enjoyed it! It gave me a bit of Suits early seasons vibe which I enjoyed. I hope I get to see Guardians of the Galaxy next week!

    Jasmin Charlotte


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